Friday, May 23, 2008

Joy of Motherhood

In the earlier days of Our Marriage,we decided to plan kids after an year as we want to understand ourselves more as ours is an arranged one.Later it was postponed to few more months still we wanted to not to have a kid as of then But our priorities got changed and my dear hubby wants to have our kid born in USA.So we waited for a chance and finally we are in US by around 2006 mid and in no more time I conceived and it took about 3 to 4 months to announce that happy news that I was pregnant.

My pregnancy days went very well except a bit nausea and severe back ache.You will be treated like a princess yes of course you are going to give a life to other. You may feel the Baby s movements from the mid of 6Th or so it will take some time to realise their movements.Almost every time I made my hubby to run out of his work and asked him to feel them.By the mid of 8th month even one can notice bumps on your belly when they move .A mother is blessed to have that feeling.Thanks for the God for making us to feel so.
My last trimester was pretty bad.I was diagnosed with Diabetes (high levels) and then my challenging days were started. My diet plan was given and its so hard for a pregnant women to maintain with that diet.My morning break fast is just a half cup of sprouts and 6 nuts .You are not wrong in reading its only 6 nuts.As a snack i was supposed to take a slice of bread and my lunch is like one chapati,salad,curry and yogurt a cup each and again as a snack i can take half an apple and some nuts .my dinner is as same as my lunch and at bed time i used to take half cup of milk.The sad thing is I have to go for a walk for at least one hour after my every meal and break fast too and I have to check for the value .

In those days i was just scared of my physical exercise that i have to do to burn my calories and i started thinking that Oh my God do I need to walk after all for eating this single chapati and it will be digested in no more time and again i may feel hungry.
Every night i used cry with hunger and I know how many nights my hubby spent them sleepless.It was so horrible and my dear hubby did made me to follow the dietitian instructions strictly.He used to call every hour from his office to know how i was doing.We followed these all so as to not to see hike in my blood sugar values and they were so I need to take Insulin.Though I did all these,I could not escape from Insulin which i have to inject with a needle on one of my sides of tummy.I used to cry a lot that I don't want to take it, my baby will hurt but the fact is that if i don't take the insulin dose ,then really my baby gets affected and hence complications may rise for both mother and Baby.
My husband,though he s very much afraid of a needle injected the insulin dose and he gave me a lot of courage and i used to ask him Whats the wrong with me why are we having these bad times??? and at the same time i felt like i must have done something good in my past life's to get a husband like him.
For more than 20 days i took Insulin before bed time and i was vexed up with all these stuff and I just wanted to deliver my baby to get rid of all these worries........and on May 13 th night while I am having my milk at around 10:30 pm i got pains that pain is some thing different no one can explain it clearly how it isss but i will try to, i felt like a force pushing up originating from my back to tummy .I got admitted in the hospital on that night at around 2:30 am and to our surprise, my cervix got dilated to 7cm and the nurse too tested it twice to confirm. when it dilates to 10cms then your pushing phase gets started. I delivered my baby by 4:30 am .Its a miracle even for nurses and doctors there.They used to ask us whether its our 2nd Baby as it was a rare to get a baby delivered in such a less time for a first time mom.. we realised that it was an wonderful result of my walking which i did in my last trimester.Finally my pregnancy ended with a happiness .My Baby weight was 6lbs and 2 ounces which was normal and his height was 19.5 inches.
As we don't know the gender before hand I listened to the doctor saying ITS A BABY BOY but i didnot gave much weight age though i wish to have a Baby boy. I just had a thought in my mind that the Baby must be healthy that was my one and only wish.They placed my Baby on my chest and that's a wonderful feeling no one could have it before.I couldn't see my bad times any more .His Dad was very much curious to hug and kiss baby though that Lil one is familiar with his dad's kisses from the past 40 weeks. After his birth all those worries in my past became memories for me. We planned my Mom to be with us a bit ahead,that's a month before the delivery and she did a lot to me and Rithvik. Oops i forgot to mention,we named our Baby Rithvik.She returned to India when he was 5months.
Time just flies with our cute pies and from the birth to 4months we don't feel their activity much its the time to accustom ourselves with new one.When they laugh,play,make some silly sounds its very fun to watch them.Yes Its the time to say Kids are Precious and we are the blessed ones to enjoy those Golden moments.Later on they will get mobility and its time to run with them and need to monitor every second.when ever he plays with his Dad i feel like its my happy family,how we enjoyed our past without this Lil Rascal???

Now Rithvik turned one and day by day he s driving us crazy and blabbers all the day and loves to freak out busy in exploring and imitating every thing. His Dad gets bored after coming from work, if his Lil one is sleeping.

see u soon.....