Friday, February 27, 2009

Telugu filmy Directors---Exclusive for Movie lovers

This time I want to publish a different post about few film directors of telugu movies. Let me start with a director who made good qualitative comedy films.He is none other than

One could laugh heartfully watching his movies, I simply forgot the world around. who could forgot Bhramanandam's character in the movie 'Aha na pellanta'. He is the one to introduce comedians like Bhramanandam, sutthi velu, Sutthi veerabhadra rao.
The film Ananda Bhairavi won many awards, some films that makes us to laugh even by reminding the titles itself Aha na pellanta, Sri vaariki Premalekha, Vivaha bojanambu, chupulu kalasina subhavela, rendu jella Seetha, nalugu sthamabaalata and many more. He passed away at his 50th year. I wish If he was alive, we would have many films for comedy lovers like me.

A director who gives a lot of importance to music,culture and art. Movies like Sankara Bharanam, Siri vennela, Sagara sangamam, swarna kamalam, swathi kiranam, Swayam krushi( oh I notice now, all starting with 's') are precious pieces.

Bapu movies are the essence of naturality of telugu people and he is more in his career as an artist who could simply illustrate the concept by his drawings. I did not see much of his movies unless the master pieces like Muthyala muggu, Pelli pusthakam, Mr.Pellam.

K.Vijaya Bhaskar
I enjoyed almost all movies came out from this maker like Nuvve kavali, Nuvvu naaku nachaav,Manmadhudu, Malleswari. Among these all Manmadhudu and Nuvvu naaku nachaav are my all time favourites, very healthy comedy.

Sekhar Kammula
A director who could depict next door scenes on to the screen and leads the film with naturality. A big NO for violence in his movies.Dollar dreams resulted him with an award as the best debutant director.His later takes like Anand, Godavari( a bit lengthy), Happy days( sure we all loved it), I am eagerly looking forward for his movies.

Trivikram Srinivas
Known for his suceess like Nuvve nuvve, Athadu. He is more as dialogue writer, with unique dialogues that shoots the target, he is the best at it.

Guna Sekhar
A director cum writer, capable of making movies with a wide variety of sets and screen play , proving himself technically the best, Ramayanam( with the kids), Choodalani vundhi, Manoharam, Okkadu, Arjun are great picks.

Ram Gopal Varma Owns a typical way in directing movies. Shiva, Kshana kshanam, Rangeela, Anaganga oka roju are his well known movies in telugu.

Krishna Vamsi One of my favourite directors, I love the way he captures culture, joint families in his films. Murari, Ninne pelladtha are the best examples. His movies are for sure useful to show our next generation how a south Indian marraige would be. On the other, Samudram, Khadgam are also his biggest hits while Anthapuram and Chandamama bagged Nandi awards. I felt bad watching his recent movie Sasi rekha parinayam, as I could not digest the usage of abusive language.

Puri Jagannath
Starting from Badri he bagged many hits like Idiot, Amma naana O Tamil ammayi, Pokiri being his biggest hit, stood as the only film in 75 years of Telugu Industry to be screened for more than 500 days. His films are message oriented but I feel disappointed to observe Woman abuse, violence in most of his films.

K.Raghavendhra rao He made many hits and he is the one responsible for the careers of actress' like Radha, Radhika, Ramya Krishna, Sri devi. Who may not love the picturisation of his film Jagadekaveerudu Atilokasundari. Special in making deviotional films too.Pelli sandhadi won him Nandi award for his best choreography. I personally feel a bit irritating watching his songs. Hope you got my point.

S.V.Krishna reddy
A hit pair Rajendra Prasad and this director made us to enjoy the movies like Rajendhrudu Gajendhrudu, Maaya lodu and some more movies I would love to recollect are Shubalagnam, Yama leela, Yegirey Pavuram, Pellam oorellithe etc. He used to make a good films but after pellam oorelithe movie I didnt find any such qualitative from him.

S.S.Raj Mouli
Director with filmy background introduced by Raghavendhra rao. I liked the films such as Simhadri, Sye,Vikramarkudu.

had a great power who could give the hits for leading stars. Tagore,Aadi, Dil, Krishna are from his acount.

Teja The only films I liked were Chitram and Nuvvu nenu. Now if I watch again, sure I may not like them, they are just 'hall time' favourites but not 'all time'. Jayam, a dissappointment, Dhairyam( one with Mahesh babu) a disaster, and after Keka movie review itself, he was completely out of my mind.

Also I would love to give a note for the films from the directors such as Mani Ratnam's Geethanjali(I guess thats the only film he directed in telugu, he is more into Tamil), SJ Surya's Kushi, Kodi Ramakrishna's Ammoru, EVV's Appula apparao,Vamsi's April1 vidudhala, Neelakanta's Missamma, Karunakar's Tholi prema, Bhaskar's Bommarillu, Arya from Sukumar, Aithy from Chandrasekhar.

First I started with few directors and now If I scroll up OMG, a huge list
and I am sure that I skipped many.....such a well built is our Telugu film industry....such a brilliant minds it owns.....hats off to the makers who presented us with an ever lasting entertainment.

Note: The hirerachy of listing the directors is just according to my favourite choice.
One more regarding this post is, for every post, before I hit 'publish' button I used to check spellings but this time, my poor spell check is not responding, may be exceeded its mistakes limit :)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Mother Vs Indian Mother

I already posted in my blog about my banging neighbour (Click on it if you wanna read) she complained again, this time as per my advice, my apartment manager arranged a meeting including our couple, neighbour and herself. The problem is, my American neighbour is having disturbance of peace because of our kid.

My apartment manager being an American supported her, saying
---An American mother puts her kid to bed by 6pm where as an Indian mother doesn't...
---They were too aware of children and grand children but didn't observe this kind of tempo .
---They opine that we do not train the kids properly.

we argued in this way
---As a kid/children, we too used to go to bed early but not as early as 6pm, this generation kids' are different.
---No two kids are of same, they behave entirely different.
--- It will take some time to understand for kids, at least they must be of 2.5 yrs to realise what to do and what not to do.

I agree that my kid is bit active but he is as same as other Indian kids, raising kids varies with different cultures. I never encourage him to disturb others but at the same time I cant destruct his activities, I cant restrict him by keeping no entry zones. May be because they don't have much spice in their food, their kids' stay calm but that doesn't possible for a Indian kid. I love to see my kid playing all the time exploring new. I simply love to see him as an energetic busy beeeeeeee.
Pour your ideas and correct me if I am wrong.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Intellectual Indian ads

In my child hood days, I used to watch the commercial ads rather than programs that were been telecasted in between. I love to watch Indian ads even now. I appreciate the idea of the makers behind them. I bow to the Indian minds, that could depict the concept in short clips.
Long back, I came across this ad that's touching and delivered a beautiful message. The back ground music and Song are fantastic.

One more ad that moved me.

I ended up shedding tears watching this ad, good one.

On the other hand, I want to you to see these below funny commercials. I am sure you're gonna LAUGHHHHH.........

I didnot get this ad...takes time to come outtttt