Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Re-entry

I am back to my blog after long time. Hope my fellow friends in the bloggerville are doing great updating their spaces. I Wanna give my re entry by remembering one of my most Favourite singers, M.S. Subbu Lakshmi.

Though It was been 5 years since she left this world, her sweet voice stays in our minds and souls. The morning that started with her Chanting of 'Kousalya supraja Raama' is definitely a soothing one. Her statue being bulit at Tirupathi is apt.
Recently I fell in love with this song sung by her called as 'Madhurastakam' I keep on playing this whenever I feel to listen to pleasant tunes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Intellectual Indian brain

Hi my dear blog readers, I am backkkk.....chalo dont want to waste your time by describing the word Laziness in my dictionary.

Did u see this video of Aish n Abhi being on Oprah show last week, If not... enjoy it, I really really liked the spontaneous, intellectual answers of Abhi that depicted his fun shade too, on the other hand I didnt like the tone and also the artificial smiles or giggles whatever of Aish....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy beee!!!!!!!

It was almost been a month since I updated my blog, let me tell you, ( hammer pictured in your mind??? dont worry, this is gonna be short) with the fear of the winter ahead, we decided to not to waste these shiny summer weekends. Starting from July 4Th long weekend, we had busy busy weekends we visited Washington DC, Niagara falls, New York, and also covered zoo, parks, water falls that were located in and around our place.

In all I liked Niagara falls, from now I will try to be regular to my blog and hope you are all blogging regularly. You may all get a doubt what happened to this girl on week days ....I have a reason for this too, Now a days my Son is not taking naps during day times and he is getting mischievous day by day.....I could not dare to sit near my lappy when he is around as you already aware of my fear of losing a new keyboard:) next time If at all we are going to buy a lappy, I will force my hubby to take insurance for it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My review on 'Sach ka samna' show

Money....Money...Money It rules your world, Dreaming ourselves in a big heap of money, will we be ready to do anything?? are we the one who are giving the top most priority to Money than to some sensible matters in our precious life?? These are the thoughts in my mind after watching a TV show Sach ke samna been telecasted on Star plus daily. This is the is the Indian version of the popular American reality show The Moment of Truth, which itself is adapted from the Colombian reality game show. Firstly I don't believe in this shows they are absolutely not out of reality, they are just a means to mint money.

Of course these type of programs may suit well to other cultures but obviously not to Indian culture. A TV program should entertain where the whole family could sit and enjoy it. Instead of entertaining, these shows may become the root cause for the origin of many negative shades in the younger generations. Because you are offered money, you are tend to expose your whole personal matters in the public, what a shame it is!!!!!! the applause from the audience at every 'true' answer from the participant really sounded disgusting for me.

I gone mad thinking at them how on Earth they could face their family members/ Spouse after this show. These shows may help you in becoming wealthier but you may lose some sensible and precious things in life that cannot be brought back with Money.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moving Mysteryyyyyyy

Last Friday we moved in to our new apartment, I was bit busy with all this stuff and couldn't update my blog, exactly the day before, On last Thursday evening when Rithvik's dad tried to take him to Rest room to wash his mouth holding his right arm, my naughty pie escaped from his hands and immediately started crying and didn't move his hand even. we are not sure what to do then and ran for the emergency by 8:45 pm and there we waited for our turn, in the mean while Rithvik started playing as usual unless until none disturbed his hand. Finally by 11pm a doctor walked in( after the visits of other junior doctors) and said it was like bone dislocation at elbow and he set it right with his fingers bending the elbow , that's a 2 minute job. Thank God, In no time Rithvik moved his arm. We reached home by 1:30 am and from the very next day he was quite normal.

Here comes the real mystery, when ever we are ready for a move, we are tend to face some issues like this. When we moved from California to here, Rithvik swallowed a small piece of plastic disposable glass and then we didn't go for emergency but that whole night was terrible for both of us monitoring him for any of the complications(check here).

When I came to US for the first time, I was attacked with a malaria fever just before my travel and need to cancel my tickets, We cancelled my tickets for three times due to my health problems finally I could make it possible by 4th time, after Rithvik was born we three went for vacation to India I got leg sprain just day before to our return journey hmmm.... generally I don't believe this but some incidents are making me to feel tensed.

when we two analysed these situations, my husband said to me, ' you know some thing, when I was a bachelor, my move to every new home brought me some good news, but after marriage it was all upside down' waah waah ....finally he shooted me meee me!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

White House!!!

For the July 4Th long weekend, we went to DC. On our way we had a night stay at DH's cousin's place and by the next day we went my friend's place in Virginia and on July4Th we went to DC and up til now I had a great sketch of White House in my mind, but at a closer view, to my eyes it just looked like the other buildings. We just had some snaps with the back ground of it, we are not even allowed to go and stay close to it. After visiting Capitol hill and a museum, At night we were there at a Monument to see fireworks and it took almost 1 hr for us to get out of our Parking lot and we reached home late night and the very next day we started back to our Place.

The sad thing is I was never been to our Country's Capital New Delhi, I didn't see the Red fort and Parliament yet in real. Hope I could tour North India in my next vacation.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Talkative lil champ!!!!!!!

Hi my dear blogger friends, how are you doing?? now a days I became bit lazy, didn't even update my blog.
Look at this video, how talkative this lil girl is, Oh boy!!! this younger generation is too smart, at that age (of course even now :)) I don't know how to respond back to others spontaneously, I really got surprised to the way she is talking.

I guess you already know about our banging neighbour, She created a big mess again and our Apartment manager requested us to vacate our by next week we may move to a house in our next block with in the same apartment.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hurray!!!!!! I got a new one

Yes yes yes ....I got a new key board for my Lappy.... Am I sounding mad, getting over excited for petty things??? No, If you would have worked with a keyboard like this one, even for a day, you would have known my joy. Imagine how you may feel in having the shoe of your exact size, after running for an hour wearing your lower numbered one.

The thought of this new keyboard striked in my DH's mind when he had a very tough time to understand my messages in Yahoo IM. That night he ordered for a new one and he himself got it fixed. My Son who is the reason for this whole story, when I am busy in the kitchen, he climbed on to the dinning table to reach the laptop and got surprised with the new look and his fingers soon got ready to pluck a key, My sixth sense suddenly said to me to 'look at him, look at him....' I peeped through the kitchen arch and shouted at him and I donno what his lil brain thought of me, he left that place giving a pity look at me that says 'chal mommy, ab tho ham ney chod dhiyaa!!!!!'

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's inside '100% NATURAL'

How many of us are keen in refferring to the nutrirition labels of the products we buy? well coming to me, I came to know about this concept of Carbs, trans fat etc when I was diagonised with Gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. I was suppossed to opt for the foods that have less carbs and more protein I started to look at the labels but now I rarely look at them.

Though we look at the labels, we may not aware of some hidden facts, May be its a business trick that says as '100% natural' to get their products into our hands or may be some other reason, but finally we will be victims. For example,

Take chicken. The average American eats about 90 pounds of it a year, more than twice as much as in the 1970s, part of the switch to lower-fat, lower-cholesterol meat proteins. But roughly one-third of the fresh chicken sold in the U.S. is "plumped" with water, salt and sometimes a seaweed extract called carrageenan that helps it retain the added water. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says chicken processed this way can still be labeled "all natural" or "100% natural" because those are all natural ingredients, even though they aren't naturally found in chicken.
Producers must mention the added ingredients on the package -- but the lettering can be small: just one-third the size of the largest letter in the product's name. If you're trying to watch your sodium to cut your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, it pays to check the Nutrition Facts label. Untreated chicken has about 45 to 60 mgs of sodium per four-ounce serving. So-called enhanced or "plumped" chicken has between 200 and 400 mgs of sodium per serving, almost as much as a serving of fast-food french fries.
Wheat bread." This is a meaningless term, since almost all bread is made with wheat. Some manufacturers add to the illusion by using a brown wrapper or darkening bread with brown sugar or molasses. The more healthful stuff is whole wheat, which includes the outer bran and the wheat germ inside, good sources of nutrients and fiber. Check the ingredients. If the first one listed is "enriched wheat flour," you aren't getting much whole grain.
Super water. The Center for Science in the Public Interest sued Coca-Cola Co. earlier this year over claims on its VitaminWater beverages. The center argued that the drinks -- with names like "defense," "rescue," "energy" and "endurance" -- are mainly sugar water with 125 calories per bottle.

for more products look into this info source.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One more from my pen

Few days back I wrote this Lyrics depicting the concept 'Frustrated Lover'. If you didnt get the meaning of it tell me, I will translate it to english.

Naa Prayanam
gamyam teliyani payanam

Tholakari chinukulaa nanu thadimi jadivaana kuripinchaavu
Kalavani manasula kathanamai, thipi kala la migilaavu

Kanthi la nannu cheri pralayaagni vy chelaregaavu
Thadisina kannulua saakshi, nanu veedani gathamainaaavu

Premantey kalala rajyam kaadhu kalathala koluvani thelipaavu
chirunavey teliyani manishi gaa nanu marchaavu.

Meaning of the Lyrics

Naa Prayanam
gamyam teliyani payanam
Destination of my Journey is uncertain or not yet known
above line is used to say abt the uncertainity of a life journey

Tholakari chinukulaa nanu thadimi jadivaana kuripinchaavu
You being started as a drizzling (of happines) turned to be a heavy heavy rain

Kalavani manasula kathanamai, thipi kala la migilaavu
Remained as a story of the hearts that never meet, remained as a sweet dream

Kanthi la nannu cheri pralayaagni vy chelaregaavu
You being reached into my life as a ray of light turned out to a wild fire

Thadisina kannulua saakshi , nanu veedani gathamainaaavu
You will be forever as my Past leaving my eyes filled with tears as a proof

Premantey kalala rajyam kaadhu kalathala koluvani thelipaavu
Love is heap of troubles but not world of dreams (as i thought)

chirunavvey teliyani manishi gaa nanu marchaavu
You turned me like the one who doesn't know the smiles.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Hit list

I have a very great passion for songs. I love music and every one feels relaxed when they listen to some good songs. I want to share few of my favourite Telugu ones, I am very keen at those lyrics.

The below song, I love to listen and watch it too. AR Rahman at his best, awesome song, close your eyes, listen to it....If you are married, you may go back to sweet memories.If you are not you may be dreaming of that..Am I right???

ahaaa what can I say about this song, Fell in love with Krishna Vamsi movies after this, beautiful picturisation that comes close to our heart and especially Mani Sharma's music, Jikki's voice are perfect to that song and Lyrics, they are ultimate

One more from the same maker, This one is favourite for many girls.

A hit from MM Keeravani from a hit movie. I like this song background music especially, I used to hum this always in my school days.

Funny start for this song but Lyrics and music are great and soothing.

Coming to a bit old piece, I like the lyrics of this song

These days I could not find songs with good lyrics, I feel bad when I concentrate on the lyrics. Where are such writings now? Bommarillu and Happy days songs are in my recent favourites list, Can you believe this??? or Am I the only one thinking like that, If you know any, lemme know some good ones that were released later.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to my blog after a celebration

No, You did not hop to a cooking blog. You are right here on right space, Hope I am still at the corner of your minds, Man!!!!!! dig me back to the center. This was the longest gap I have taken since I started my blog, got busy with my Kid these days.

Coming to the cake, I made this Tres leches(3-milk cake) for my Son's 2nd Birthday. It was a famous Mexican dessert and every one including my Son liked it and thanks for my friend Chaitali for sharing this wonderful recipe.

His Dad bought a car for him as a Birthday present and

I prepared a card with all his favourite characters. He was very much excited as it says his fantasy.

On weekend, we celebrated Kids party at home. These are the cookies I made for the party where Kids as well elders got tempted. Only few left for my photo.

It was a nice feel when Kids achieve their milestones, he was so curious to cut his Birthday cake and been waiting from past one month. He enjoyed the whole day by saying ' appy, appy' clapping his hands and by showing the decoration to every one who visited to wish him.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What a Coincidence

This post is brought to you by the letter 'R' and by the number 14. My name starts with letter 'R' and DH's name too and so I wanted to name my Son that starts with the same letter. Our elders left that choice to us and I shortlisted some baby names of that kind and finally we both stuck to the name Rithvik.
Both my Mom and my Mom in law have the first letter as 'R' in their names and my elder co sister, Niece, Sister in law joins to the list. ' R' rocks in our family hehehe.....

Coming to the number story, we siblings share same Birthday date but on different months like mine is on March 14th and my Sister's is on September 14th and my younger Sister's(Uncle's daughter )is on January 14th and here comes my Son continuing the path being born on May 14th. A great coincidence, Isn't it!!!!!!

Idea courtesy of this post is Deepa, wife of my Husband's cousin. Lemme count how many R's will be on comments side.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Bouncy boy

The night when we ran to the hospital for my delivery is still before my eyes, with in the 2 hrs I joined, my little bundle of joy joined us wondering all the doctors over there. A silent cry with his eyes slightly open and his cute lips will stay forever in my mind. Those tough times in my pregnancy soon turned to be sweet nothings with our first kiss and a hug.Women are blessed to be Mothers who could cherish some beautiful moments that defines the beauty of a life.

I must thank Varunavi for passing this beautiful tag, where I could reveal Mother in me. As this tag says to write five things I love about being a mother.
  • Being pregnant, I loved the feel of his kicks and moves, Though painful sometimes, they are sweet sweet so sweeeet.

  • I love to kiss him soon he slips to sleep. My Mom says a big NO to this but I could not resist myself.
  • He kisses me while munching the food that are a great treat for his taste buds and then I simply stare at him to not to miss his joyful expression.

  • He comes back to hug me though I shout or I am angry at him that's how they steal our hearts with their innocence filled love.

  • His cute Lil steps(I should say lil runs, he rarely walks) and eyes search for me saying 'maama, maama' in my absence and cries if he could not see me for a while.

and there are many more, every moment with him is a gifted one and precious. I realised the value of a Mother being a Mother rather than being a daughter. His bubbly words, silly acts, messy arts, quirky habits.....makes our 'life' ride exciting on a happy rail(touch wood). He will be Two by this May. May God give him bright future.

I wish all the best to many of my friends who are to be Moms. You are gonna enjoy a lot. I want to pass this tag to my sister.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazing voice....must watch

Listen to this amazing voice, how wonderful it is, an outstanding performance by Susan Boyle in Britain's got talent 2009 show. Click here to watch the video.

Just observe the difference in the faces of audience and judges before and after her performance. At every click of my replay button, I felt it like new. By the expressions of the people over there we can realise how they got mesmerized with her voice.

No words are enough and I am no way eligible even to appreciate you
Ms. Susan Boyle.You proved that the age and appearance are nothing before the gifted talent and hard work. All the best from my blog for your future endeavours.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Answer for my Riddle and Winners.......

If you are directly landing to here, I suggest you to give a try at my riddle and come back. For those who tried it, here you go.

Stmt 1: X (male)and Y (female) got married and had one daughter 'A' being the eldest and two Sons 'B' and 'C'.
No confusion in the above stmt, for X Y A, B,C are children.

Stmt 2: 'A' is married to X's sister's Son and had three children one Son G, and H,I as their daughters.
you can conclude that A's Son is G and A's daughters are H and I.

Stmt 3:Coming to B, he is married to Y's brother's daughter 'U' and had two daughters V and W.
B is X's son, B and U being a couple, (X is Father in law for U).
V and W are their children.

Stmt 4:Coming to C, he is married to A's daughter 'H'.
C is younger Son of X, and he is married to H, where H is daughter of A, where A is daughter of 'X, that means C married his sister's daughter.

Stmt 5:Coming to V, she is married to'G'and'W' is married to 'S'. from the above, discard W and S they are no way related to story.
now let us try to answer my for first question
How is ' H' related to 'U' other than a co sister.
H -- wife of C
U--wife of B
Since B,C are brothers, H,U became co sisters(refer 3,4 stmts)
to relate them other than co sister, (refer stmt 1)
A is sister in law for U because her husband B is brother to A.

(now refer stmt 2)
H is daughter of A. now if you join, H is U 's SIL's daugter in other way, for H, U is her mom's elder brother's wife(mama's wife).

How is 'V' related to 'H' (in two ways)?
V is daughter of B and U. H and U are co sisters so obviously H is dad's brother's wife (pinni) for V. this is one way (stmt 3).
( V is married to his dad's(B's) sister's(A's) Son.)

V being married to G, brother of H, V also becomes maradhalu for H.(stmt2).

Hope I cleared, If I confused you again, I have one more way just imagine 'X' as your Grandpa (dad's side) and Y as your Grand mother hence goes the family tree. If this is also a bad idea, please delete this riddle from your mind and excuse me but don't delete me from your mind :).

WINNERS: I declare Chandana as first winner. Her both answers are accurate. I guess she would have gone mad trying this. She is the first person to answer this. I asked this question to many in turn they warned me to not to come again with such. I appreciate her for giving such a wonderful trial.

Second winner is Mr.Vamsi, my close friend Devi's husband. I asked her this question instead her husband answered it who is totally not familiar with this kind of stuff. I am surprised to know answers from him. Last but not least, I thank for those who gave a try.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are you ready for voting????

Indian Elections are on its way, no matter which News paper you read, they portray egos and personal grudges of our leaders dumping us in a big confusion between fakes n facts. Political system, being the Country's biggest drawback, how can it fight against top issues and gain prosperity. We simply cannot fault our Government, because its all ourselves who shape it by electing leaders.

I welcome a day where an individual vote is unbiased one dominating regional, caste priorities. Consider, Judge, verify before you vote for a leader. Your vote is worth for building peaceful India that may eradicate bugs like corruption, terrorism, resource crisis that dictated our lives since long.

The below video inspired me to come up with this post. Thanks to my Sister, for letting me know about this video.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Riddle to my readers......

Caution: Please move away from distractions, otherwise you may shout at them while reading. Donot concentrate on this diagram.
Here is my Riddle
X (male)and Y (female) got married and had one daughter 'A' being the eldest and two Sons 'B' and 'C'.

  • 'A' is married to X's sister's Son and had three children one Son G, and H,I as their daughters.
  • Coming to B, he is married to Y's brother's daughter 'U' and had two daughters V and W.
  • Coming to C, he is married to A's daughter 'H'.
  • Coming to V, she is married to 'G' and 'W' is married to 'S'.

now answer my questions,

----How is ' H' related to 'U' other than a cosister. You didn't get how they become cosisters, then read again.
----How is 'V' related to 'H' (in two ways)?

Wait for this weekend for answer.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poor me!!!!!!!!!

Rithvik plays with every item in our house, Though he has lot of toys he always plays with my kitchen stuff, he almost spoiled my nonstick pans. Want to know his recent mischievous jobs, he removed the burner of stove by stepping on to the door of conventional oven that's located under the stove. He dismantled Ikea dining chair, he climbs on the glass dining and stumps on it. He tries hard to reach the shelves of a cupboard.

Did you ever see a keyboard like this??? waah waah.... its my 'Dell' laptop keyboard, almost 'dull' keys like Space bar, Shift, some alphabets are plucked by him. My DH always asks me to type if he wants to browse any thing from this laptop and now he regrets for not taking insurance for it. Its the time for you to appreciate me for managing my blog for the past one year with this gone case.

On a lighter side, I want to share his recent video. It may not be much clear as it is captured from my mobile.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy one year of blogging

I started blogging a year back just to present my poetry but soon it turned out to be a space for my thoughts.First of all I should thank my lovable husband who values my opinions and equally my sweet Son who cooperated me with his naps, and this google's blogger service, responsible for many virtual friends in our life. I am lucky to have people who encourage me by giving their valuable feedback and suggestions like my Dad, Sister and family friends like Aditya, Deepa and Neeraja and many more friends who dropby.

I learnt a lot from this blogging and could feel the joy of sharing. I want to dedicate this post to all my fellow bloggers. To name you all is my privilege .

Swathi, known as owner of an online community and we became friends soon. I am very much impressed with her blog hence I started one. Brilliant girl, could bring changes everyday with her ideas.

Keerthi, also a virtual friend from the same community is a good friend of mine. I bet anybody who is fed up with daily chores soon gets refreshed if once they step into her zone. She is the best in narration and makes us to feel her like a next door girl.
Amu, a queen in baking world, very friendly, hard working, sensitive, loves to do KT. Her delicacies are tempting always.
Sree, I follow her blog to update myself with the best vocabulary. I like her mode of writing, apt words that shoots the target.
Usha, I follow her movie updates as well her recipes, I tried so many recipes of her and they are a huge hit in my kitchen.
Varunavi, my new friend in this blog sphere. I got addicted to her blog in no time. I could not stop myself looking at her daily yummy updates.
Sahaja, also a new friend, I like her photography talent and the way she presents her blog with a great command in language.
KK, by dropping to his blog, my mind soon slips to my college days, young blood rockkss, what say KK??

I also drop at Pratima's for her updates on her little prince, Deepthi's who could elaborate well about cultures and festivals, Allantha duraana of chandu's, Nagrockz for the best unbiased political news and movie reviews, Rakesh's for a hearty laugh, naa autograph of Satish, ramya cooks for culinary. Sorry If I forgot any and please feel free to notify, I would love to update.
Last but not least, I also thank those who are on followers list and those who covered my blog in their hopping and once again thanks to all my readers.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hope you had a great Ugadi

Hope you enjoyed Ugadi with all yummy dishes, new attire, going to Temple. Being here that's all we can do on a festival. I wanna share few snaps of dishes I made that day. If you want me to name those, they are Ugadi pachadi, fruits, nuts as nyvedyam and Mango pulihora for lunch, sabhudhaana vada as a Snack, Ravva ladoo as a sweet and we finished our dinner with Drumstick gravy(photo not taken) and some left overs.

The name of this Telugu new year is Virodhi naama(విరొధి నామా) and every year I would love to look at Panchamgam(పంచాంగం) for the four values.

Aadhayam(ఆదాయం), Vyayam(వ్యయం),

Rajapujyam(రాజపుజ్యం), Aavamanam(అవమానం).

For me they are 8,11 3,3 and for my husband they are 2,8,1,7 respectively. So this time it says we both are gonna to be spend thrifts and we should be careful in keeping relationships with others. I just watch them out of my curiosity because I strongly believe that our future is an outcome of our acts, but not because of those written fates. I wish you all great times ahead in your life.

I heard the news that Jr.NTR was met with an accident. I admire his dance and I feel his expressions as his biggest asset that reminds us his Grandpa. Sources say that his speeches on political stage are also a hit but now a days I observe all Telugu newspapers as biased, supporting their own favourite leaders. These fellows are dumping us in confusion where we cant judge the facts and fakes. Finally I wish Jr.NTR, a speedy recovery.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth hour 2009

Past from the decades we are polluting our Earth but now let us do our part to avoid resource crisis in future. I want to remind you all about Earth hour 2009 which is on this Saturday March 28 at 8:30 pm.
To be more clear, Earth Hour is an annual international event created by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund), held on the last Saturday of March, that asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change
I not only advise you to join in this Earth hour but also strongly recommend you to
  • Recycle your goods that we use in daily chores(Recyclable ones).
  • Use less plastic/disposable items.
  • Switch off the electronic equipments when not in use.
  • Plug out the chargers when you are done.
  • Use energy saving lamps.
  • Avoid paper napkins as far as possible(especially in kitchen)

many more you can do if you look keen in your routine.

Finally for this Earth hour I have decided to switch of all lights, Laptops, Television etc in my house and its just as simple as Indian power cut style. To think in other way enjoy your Earth hour in the light of a candle with loved ones .

To Pledge your support to Earth Hour,please sign up here... and join millions of people in more than 1,400 cities and towns in 80 countries throughout the world by turning off your lights for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday 28 March. So why not you????

Spread this word and contribute your share and save our precious planet. Thanks for letting me know about this event Amu, I am not aware of this until you discussed.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Golden days

The feel of living in an own house is very great. Two days back, I dreamt of our own house where we lived together. Next morning, I was so disturbed as it took me to my sweet past. I was brought up in a joint family where we had loads of fun enjoying every bit of my life. After my Marriage, my Dad and Uncle got separated and our house was sold.

If I look back, now I realise the value of own house where we plan, imagine, monitor every brick of it. Thus we give life to our dreams, love it as a living entity. We tend to be bonded with it. Many praised our house as it has its own beauty. Its a big, modern, spacious, well designed, huge garden in front. Its very hard to digest the fact that it is no more ours......In that great house, I enjoyed a lot with my graduation mates. As it is very near to my college, all of us had had a good time. We celebrated so many functions. They are just memories sweet memories. I can't get those days back.

Poor me!!! I even don't have a snap of our beautiful house to share, hmm this time no search engine can help me out....Yes, there is no answer for some sensitive and precious matters in this world.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sun..... Please Shine on us

Hurray summer is on its more fluffy jackets, no more gloves, no more heater bills. Last weekend climate is very good here, I could see lots of people enjoying a walk. I kept my door opened for some time and we are surprised at Rithvik's excitement he stood at the door and waved tata tata to passing by cars/people clapped his hands , shouted what not he cried to get inside.

See here the kids' feel very happy when other kid comes to play and they will be eagerly waiting for somebody to take them for outing. They will get bored by seeing same old two faces.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Telugu filmy Directors---Exclusive for Movie lovers

This time I want to publish a different post about few film directors of telugu movies. Let me start with a director who made good qualitative comedy films.He is none other than

One could laugh heartfully watching his movies, I simply forgot the world around. who could forgot Bhramanandam's character in the movie 'Aha na pellanta'. He is the one to introduce comedians like Bhramanandam, sutthi velu, Sutthi veerabhadra rao.
The film Ananda Bhairavi won many awards, some films that makes us to laugh even by reminding the titles itself Aha na pellanta, Sri vaariki Premalekha, Vivaha bojanambu, chupulu kalasina subhavela, rendu jella Seetha, nalugu sthamabaalata and many more. He passed away at his 50th year. I wish If he was alive, we would have many films for comedy lovers like me.

A director who gives a lot of importance to music,culture and art. Movies like Sankara Bharanam, Siri vennela, Sagara sangamam, swarna kamalam, swathi kiranam, Swayam krushi( oh I notice now, all starting with 's') are precious pieces.

Bapu movies are the essence of naturality of telugu people and he is more in his career as an artist who could simply illustrate the concept by his drawings. I did not see much of his movies unless the master pieces like Muthyala muggu, Pelli pusthakam, Mr.Pellam.

K.Vijaya Bhaskar
I enjoyed almost all movies came out from this maker like Nuvve kavali, Nuvvu naaku nachaav,Manmadhudu, Malleswari. Among these all Manmadhudu and Nuvvu naaku nachaav are my all time favourites, very healthy comedy.

Sekhar Kammula
A director who could depict next door scenes on to the screen and leads the film with naturality. A big NO for violence in his movies.Dollar dreams resulted him with an award as the best debutant director.His later takes like Anand, Godavari( a bit lengthy), Happy days( sure we all loved it), I am eagerly looking forward for his movies.

Trivikram Srinivas
Known for his suceess like Nuvve nuvve, Athadu. He is more as dialogue writer, with unique dialogues that shoots the target, he is the best at it.

Guna Sekhar
A director cum writer, capable of making movies with a wide variety of sets and screen play , proving himself technically the best, Ramayanam( with the kids), Choodalani vundhi, Manoharam, Okkadu, Arjun are great picks.

Ram Gopal Varma Owns a typical way in directing movies. Shiva, Kshana kshanam, Rangeela, Anaganga oka roju are his well known movies in telugu.

Krishna Vamsi One of my favourite directors, I love the way he captures culture, joint families in his films. Murari, Ninne pelladtha are the best examples. His movies are for sure useful to show our next generation how a south Indian marraige would be. On the other, Samudram, Khadgam are also his biggest hits while Anthapuram and Chandamama bagged Nandi awards. I felt bad watching his recent movie Sasi rekha parinayam, as I could not digest the usage of abusive language.

Puri Jagannath
Starting from Badri he bagged many hits like Idiot, Amma naana O Tamil ammayi, Pokiri being his biggest hit, stood as the only film in 75 years of Telugu Industry to be screened for more than 500 days. His films are message oriented but I feel disappointed to observe Woman abuse, violence in most of his films.

K.Raghavendhra rao He made many hits and he is the one responsible for the careers of actress' like Radha, Radhika, Ramya Krishna, Sri devi. Who may not love the picturisation of his film Jagadekaveerudu Atilokasundari. Special in making deviotional films too.Pelli sandhadi won him Nandi award for his best choreography. I personally feel a bit irritating watching his songs. Hope you got my point.

S.V.Krishna reddy
A hit pair Rajendra Prasad and this director made us to enjoy the movies like Rajendhrudu Gajendhrudu, Maaya lodu and some more movies I would love to recollect are Shubalagnam, Yama leela, Yegirey Pavuram, Pellam oorellithe etc. He used to make a good films but after pellam oorelithe movie I didnt find any such qualitative from him.

S.S.Raj Mouli
Director with filmy background introduced by Raghavendhra rao. I liked the films such as Simhadri, Sye,Vikramarkudu.

had a great power who could give the hits for leading stars. Tagore,Aadi, Dil, Krishna are from his acount.

Teja The only films I liked were Chitram and Nuvvu nenu. Now if I watch again, sure I may not like them, they are just 'hall time' favourites but not 'all time'. Jayam, a dissappointment, Dhairyam( one with Mahesh babu) a disaster, and after Keka movie review itself, he was completely out of my mind.

Also I would love to give a note for the films from the directors such as Mani Ratnam's Geethanjali(I guess thats the only film he directed in telugu, he is more into Tamil), SJ Surya's Kushi, Kodi Ramakrishna's Ammoru, EVV's Appula apparao,Vamsi's April1 vidudhala, Neelakanta's Missamma, Karunakar's Tholi prema, Bhaskar's Bommarillu, Arya from Sukumar, Aithy from Chandrasekhar.

First I started with few directors and now If I scroll up OMG, a huge list
and I am sure that I skipped many.....such a well built is our Telugu film industry....such a brilliant minds it owns.....hats off to the makers who presented us with an ever lasting entertainment.

Note: The hirerachy of listing the directors is just according to my favourite choice.
One more regarding this post is, for every post, before I hit 'publish' button I used to check spellings but this time, my poor spell check is not responding, may be exceeded its mistakes limit :)

Info source:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Mother Vs Indian Mother

I already posted in my blog about my banging neighbour (Click on it if you wanna read) she complained again, this time as per my advice, my apartment manager arranged a meeting including our couple, neighbour and herself. The problem is, my American neighbour is having disturbance of peace because of our kid.

My apartment manager being an American supported her, saying
---An American mother puts her kid to bed by 6pm where as an Indian mother doesn't...
---They were too aware of children and grand children but didn't observe this kind of tempo .
---They opine that we do not train the kids properly.

we argued in this way
---As a kid/children, we too used to go to bed early but not as early as 6pm, this generation kids' are different.
---No two kids are of same, they behave entirely different.
--- It will take some time to understand for kids, at least they must be of 2.5 yrs to realise what to do and what not to do.

I agree that my kid is bit active but he is as same as other Indian kids, raising kids varies with different cultures. I never encourage him to disturb others but at the same time I cant destruct his activities, I cant restrict him by keeping no entry zones. May be because they don't have much spice in their food, their kids' stay calm but that doesn't possible for a Indian kid. I love to see my kid playing all the time exploring new. I simply love to see him as an energetic busy beeeeeeee.
Pour your ideas and correct me if I am wrong.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Intellectual Indian ads

In my child hood days, I used to watch the commercial ads rather than programs that were been telecasted in between. I love to watch Indian ads even now. I appreciate the idea of the makers behind them. I bow to the Indian minds, that could depict the concept in short clips.
Long back, I came across this ad that's touching and delivered a beautiful message. The back ground music and Song are fantastic.

One more ad that moved me.

I ended up shedding tears watching this ad, good one.

On the other hand, I want to you to see these below funny commercials. I am sure you're gonna LAUGHHHHH.........

I didnot get this ad...takes time to come outtttt

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woman abuse

We see every where in our country the slogans "Respect Woman" but they are limited to display boards just.....recent Mangalore pub happening is a live evil act of sick people in this society. Ram Sena group (few people) attacked a pub in Mangalore last weekend and assaulted women for violating Hindu culture. Women there were physically abused, slapped by men hmmm... being an woman, I feel shy to present this video.

If the Ram Sena gang feel that they are protecting Hindu culture by doing this, does our culture say to abuse girls in such a bad way?? going to a pub,taking drinks is their personal choice, that's the way they wanted to enjoy their life. I donno what bothers them, who gave the right to touch them? Why the women are supposed to bear these tortures, when will this discrimination disappears?? never an end to this insane!!! The people who are involved in this must be punished severely like the one AP government did to the guys who attacked the girls with acid in Warangal.

A survey says "Every hour, 18 women face abuse in India" I cannot imagine the number what it would be if it is surveyed throughout the world. I mean, not only in India, in every country this happens place is safer to woman in this big world.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its hunting Winter

Its snowing, Its shivering

yes its boring, no to outing,

sitting idle, shutting my door

getting mad, watching TV

catching cold, its irritating

Is this the East??? its bone chilling, then west is the best.

now tell me how is my Rhyming...... ideal piece for the quote Idle man's brain is devils workshop :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Satyam-----A Synonym for its Antonym ??????

My DH being an ex-employee of Satyam, could not digest the facts yet. Mr.Ramalinga Raju, for the eyes of every one, he is the one who took AP on to the chart of IT. Andhraites could feel the Satyam as the biggest asset they have but no more it is, now.....All the dreams shattered with his single letter that shocked every investor, lead the lives' of 53k employees to a big disaster.

Sources say that Mr.R.L.Raju, committed fraud by showing the figures of the profits of Satyam company with a huge difference of 7K Crores and stated that none other than him are responsible for this act. He opted this so as to grab investors and to bag the position as one among top 5 IT companies. I didnt fail to notice many online editions running collage picture of Kasab, Mr.Raju, Mr.Obama covering the most sensational people in the News.

Now, I wonder how leading IT companies could point out the Satyamites as fraud, for the fault of Bosses, why the hell all the other Andhraites are being blamed??? As long as if a person is at higher peaks of fame, no one bothers but when the things goes wrong, every body will raise their voices, that's what human psychology is!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the same time look at the goodness of Andhraites, even though he was the reason for the loss of investments of many, still he was in the hearts of many Telugu people at a softer and sympathetic edge.

Personally, after reading the news for the first time, I started to look back at his hectic life time journey that raised the company from 20 to 50k+ employees and also what all the pressures he may be in now?? Day by day after realising the possible forces of this issue like Political influence, about the funds being diverted to his personal assets like Maytas(yet unknown), the 3% profit story etc.. If these are all true, I mean, if the above factors are the real cause for this big pit, then Mr.Raju, Am sure you are no more in our good books, you live longer in the curses of victims.

I sincerely pray for the well being of Satyam and all its dependents and employees. Hope there will be some way to get out of this big mess. The talent of the employees is the biggest asset it had, that itself may take Satyam back to its shape. BTW, I appreciate the Government for its wise decision, gonna appoint new board members.