Sunday, May 24, 2009

One more from my pen

Few days back I wrote this Lyrics depicting the concept 'Frustrated Lover'. If you didnt get the meaning of it tell me, I will translate it to english.

Naa Prayanam
gamyam teliyani payanam

Tholakari chinukulaa nanu thadimi jadivaana kuripinchaavu
Kalavani manasula kathanamai, thipi kala la migilaavu

Kanthi la nannu cheri pralayaagni vy chelaregaavu
Thadisina kannulua saakshi, nanu veedani gathamainaaavu

Premantey kalala rajyam kaadhu kalathala koluvani thelipaavu
chirunavey teliyani manishi gaa nanu marchaavu.

Meaning of the Lyrics

Naa Prayanam
gamyam teliyani payanam
Destination of my Journey is uncertain or not yet known
above line is used to say abt the uncertainity of a life journey

Tholakari chinukulaa nanu thadimi jadivaana kuripinchaavu
You being started as a drizzling (of happines) turned to be a heavy heavy rain

Kalavani manasula kathanamai, thipi kala la migilaavu
Remained as a story of the hearts that never meet, remained as a sweet dream

Kanthi la nannu cheri pralayaagni vy chelaregaavu
You being reached into my life as a ray of light turned out to a wild fire

Thadisina kannulua saakshi , nanu veedani gathamainaaavu
You will be forever as my Past leaving my eyes filled with tears as a proof

Premantey kalala rajyam kaadhu kalathala koluvani thelipaavu
Love is heap of troubles but not world of dreams (as i thought)

chirunavvey teliyani manishi gaa nanu marchaavu
You turned me like the one who doesn't know the smiles.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Hit list

I have a very great passion for songs. I love music and every one feels relaxed when they listen to some good songs. I want to share few of my favourite Telugu ones, I am very keen at those lyrics.

The below song, I love to listen and watch it too. AR Rahman at his best, awesome song, close your eyes, listen to it....If you are married, you may go back to sweet memories.If you are not you may be dreaming of that..Am I right???

ahaaa what can I say about this song, Fell in love with Krishna Vamsi movies after this, beautiful picturisation that comes close to our heart and especially Mani Sharma's music, Jikki's voice are perfect to that song and Lyrics, they are ultimate

One more from the same maker, This one is favourite for many girls.

A hit from MM Keeravani from a hit movie. I like this song background music especially, I used to hum this always in my school days.

Funny start for this song but Lyrics and music are great and soothing.

Coming to a bit old piece, I like the lyrics of this song

These days I could not find songs with good lyrics, I feel bad when I concentrate on the lyrics. Where are such writings now? Bommarillu and Happy days songs are in my recent favourites list, Can you believe this??? or Am I the only one thinking like that, If you know any, lemme know some good ones that were released later.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back to my blog after a celebration

No, You did not hop to a cooking blog. You are right here on right space, Hope I am still at the corner of your minds, Man!!!!!! dig me back to the center. This was the longest gap I have taken since I started my blog, got busy with my Kid these days.

Coming to the cake, I made this Tres leches(3-milk cake) for my Son's 2nd Birthday. It was a famous Mexican dessert and every one including my Son liked it and thanks for my friend Chaitali for sharing this wonderful recipe.

His Dad bought a car for him as a Birthday present and

I prepared a card with all his favourite characters. He was very much excited as it says his fantasy.

On weekend, we celebrated Kids party at home. These are the cookies I made for the party where Kids as well elders got tempted. Only few left for my photo.

It was a nice feel when Kids achieve their milestones, he was so curious to cut his Birthday cake and been waiting from past one month. He enjoyed the whole day by saying ' appy, appy' clapping his hands and by showing the decoration to every one who visited to wish him.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What a Coincidence

This post is brought to you by the letter 'R' and by the number 14. My name starts with letter 'R' and DH's name too and so I wanted to name my Son that starts with the same letter. Our elders left that choice to us and I shortlisted some baby names of that kind and finally we both stuck to the name Rithvik.
Both my Mom and my Mom in law have the first letter as 'R' in their names and my elder co sister, Niece, Sister in law joins to the list. ' R' rocks in our family hehehe.....

Coming to the number story, we siblings share same Birthday date but on different months like mine is on March 14th and my Sister's is on September 14th and my younger Sister's(Uncle's daughter )is on January 14th and here comes my Son continuing the path being born on May 14th. A great coincidence, Isn't it!!!!!!

Idea courtesy of this post is Deepa, wife of my Husband's cousin. Lemme count how many R's will be on comments side.