Monday, November 24, 2008

yaahs and naah s

Going to cousin's place for this Thanks giving---ya
Winter is on its way---nah
Caught with little cold----nah
Recession still in our lives---nah

Rithvik not eating well these days---nah
I am Eating food with out a diet watch---nah
After coming to east, DH coming from work early---ya
Only two ya s among these many nahs---NAAAAHHHHHHH

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Never leave an art

In my childhood days I learnt Mandolin for 6yrs. I gave many concerts representing our Institution, had many applause but I was too young then to realise the importance of an art. At one concert I still remember, we were giving it in an open auditorium where all police department and district collector and some other Government officials were there. The Dist. Joint collector came to me and as it was cold, she wrapped her woollen shawl around me and appreciated with a hug for my performance.
When I was in 9 th standard we moved far and due to the busy schedules I could not make it possible to go to the institution and finally I left the practice. I still regret for discontinuing playing Mandolin.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sweet first words

My Lil Son blabbers a lot. He is trying to imitate our words and I taught him the word "Naana" and soon to my surprise he pointed out to his Dad's photo and said Naana and later on when ever he couldn't see his Dad at home, he keeps on saying Naana,Naana... Its very nice to hear such cute sweet first words from kids. I could see the happiness in my DH's face when he is called. I want to share this audio clip with you. I will update this post with some more if I get a chance to record.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Quirky tag

Got this tag from Swathi and chandu. Here goes my Quirky habits.

1. At the end of my every meal, my plate looks clean and neat. I even don't leave the cumin seeds that were left on my plate. I pick them with my finger tips and enjoy them some times this makes my DH to ask "why don't you have some more " :)

2. During nights I fight with my Hubby and kid for blanket and I will forcibly snatch it from them and I talk a lot in midst of my sleep

3. Before leaving my house I check my stove tops,locks etc twice or thrice and also in the halfway of our journey I again think about them with a doubtful mind.

4. I like my curd rice with plain Dal(muddha pappu). You may all laugh at this but I simply love that combination.

5. I sing at all the times. If at all I dont know the lyrics, I simply sing it or hum with my own words.

6. I read each and every board that I happen to see around and I enjoy playing with all the other toys there whenever we shop a toy for Rithvik.
and there are many more. I want to tag this to Amu and Sree