Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bye Bye Wyndwood!!!!

We never know why God has gathered all of us at a place like Wyndwood, a place I love to stay and say it as a 'home away from home'. The days spent here stays fresh and will be in our hearts as sweet moments. Wyndwood gave me an opportunity to celebrate passions of mine like teaching, coordinating gatherings, cooking etc. It gave friends for myself and for our kids.

I got a chance to learn many positive qualities from all of you. Let me tell you in short.

Padma  -- My very first friend here. I like her zeal in teaching Charitha telugu language. Though she doesnot know the language she tries her level best to learn and teach it to Charitha. Padma, I like the way you used to attend every prajna class without fail just to learn and teach.

Suneetha -- No more words, she is my sister. Lucky to have her as neighbor for one more time. Suneetha can observe her surrondings in span of seconds. Not every one will have that quick scanning ability :).

Anjali -- A friendly heart!!! Capable of making people around her to laugh in no time with her dialogues with added facial expressions. Be like this forever Anjali. You bring smiles/happiness to everyone.

Swapna -- Such a sweet voice she has!!!  I learnt many parenting tips from her. She is very good at managing things in order.

Sabitha -- This lady has courage to beat many odds and she can find happiness in every little thing she has. I love your positive energy Sabitha!!!

Devi -- She is an icon or synonym for patience and hardwork. I am sure I wont see anywhere who has more patience and who can work non-stop like her. Kudos to you Devi.

Padmaja -- I admire your voice and whenever you sing, I feel like I am listening to a recorded audio. you have such a consistent voice.

Kavitha  -- Her conversation starts with a heartful smile and ends with one.

Swapna Santosh  -- she is good at spontaneous dialogues. Swapna,you are a lady Trivikram!!! You must be super happy as I mentioned you as Swapna Santosh but not the usual way we call you.

Sneha -- An active and dynamic lady. I love her courage in dealing every single instance and no doubt Adhvik carried her genes and became a bouncy boy.

Madhavi -- She is my virtual friend. Actually we are friends before even I came to CT. she is talkative and very good at pouring suggestions/inputs thinking in our shoes.

Aswani -- I dont know much about you except as co-sis of Sneha. All I can say is enjoy your stay at wyndwood.

I also had  great time with other ex-wyndwood friends like Ram Padmaja, Kavitha, Hari Lakshmi, Neelima etc. Miss all our chit chats, jokes that doesnt knew boundaries. Miss sharing the dishes and never ending shopping displays. Miss all the kids there. I became so close to them since last year. My heartful wishes to each and every family there !!!  Now, tell me how many of you have scrolled down to read the text at your name first :). Thank you all for being good support in my pain and shine.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Year 2009 for Andhra Pradesh

The year 2009 is good for us(tw) but when we think of our State Andhra Pradesh, the year 2009 was really a bad for it.

  • In Early 2009 itself Andhraites are recovering from the shock regarding the loss of Satyam company, the only IT source for Andhra pradesh.
  • In The Elections of 2009, Media made the people frustrated, News papers sounded just like the pamphlets of the parties they love finally leaving the people in a confusion what to believe and what not to!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, Jai Prakash Narayan is an exception his party/speeches does not come under this criteria
  • Sudden death of Mr. Y.S. Raj Sekhar Reddy really made the Andhra people sad, we lost a leader.
  • Floods in Andhra made the lives worse causing for the loss in wealth and health of the people.
  • Flu flu flu....Not only Andhra, this word became the scariest part all around the world.
  • The State became more instable with the serious issue Andhra-Telangana separatism, still it is continuing, affecting the life of a common Man with the name of Dharnas, Agitations, spoiling various resources etc.. I doubt even do God knows the end for this!!!!!!
with all these stuff finally 2009 ended, 2010 has arrived and 2 days back we got to know a news that YSR's death is not an accident, Its a planned one knows for sure whether it is a rumour or fact, but attacks have already started on the assets of Reliance group of companies.

Finally, where are we going to??? we are not even thinking for the well being of our state, As long as we focus more on attacks rather than ways to develop, we will be the same forever watching others going ahead.

Recently I got this forward mail which made me laugh.
Awards for the year 2009
--Best Actor: KCR
--Best Romantic Actor: ND Tiwari
--Best Silent Side Actor: Chandrababu Naidu
--Best Sensational Action Hero: Lagadapati Rajagopal

--Best Comedian: Chiranjeevi
--Best Dubbing Artist: Chidambaram
--Best Character Actor: Manmohan Singh

--Best Story Writer: Sonia Gandhi
--Best Screenplay: Sonia Gandhi

--Best Direction: Sonia Gandhi

--Best Audience: Rosiah

let us hope this 2010 may bring prosperity, wealth and health for the people and let this year may make Andhra strong.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Re-entry

I am back to my blog after long time. Hope my fellow friends in the bloggerville are doing great updating their spaces. I Wanna give my re entry by remembering one of my most Favourite singers, M.S. Subbu Lakshmi.

Though It was been 5 years since she left this world, her sweet voice stays in our minds and souls. The morning that started with her Chanting of 'Kousalya supraja Raama' is definitely a soothing one. Her statue being bulit at Tirupathi is apt.
Recently I fell in love with this song sung by her called as 'Madhurastakam' I keep on playing this whenever I feel to listen to pleasant tunes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Intellectual Indian brain

Hi my dear blog readers, I am backkkk.....chalo dont want to waste your time by describing the word Laziness in my dictionary.

Did u see this video of Aish n Abhi being on Oprah show last week, If not... enjoy it, I really really liked the spontaneous, intellectual answers of Abhi that depicted his fun shade too, on the other hand I didnt like the tone and also the artificial smiles or giggles whatever of Aish....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy beee!!!!!!!

It was almost been a month since I updated my blog, let me tell you, ( hammer pictured in your mind??? dont worry, this is gonna be short) with the fear of the winter ahead, we decided to not to waste these shiny summer weekends. Starting from July 4Th long weekend, we had busy busy weekends we visited Washington DC, Niagara falls, New York, and also covered zoo, parks, water falls that were located in and around our place.

In all I liked Niagara falls, from now I will try to be regular to my blog and hope you are all blogging regularly. You may all get a doubt what happened to this girl on week days ....I have a reason for this too, Now a days my Son is not taking naps during day times and he is getting mischievous day by day.....I could not dare to sit near my lappy when he is around as you already aware of my fear of losing a new keyboard:) next time If at all we are going to buy a lappy, I will force my hubby to take insurance for it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My review on 'Sach ka samna' show

Money....Money...Money It rules your world, Dreaming ourselves in a big heap of money, will we be ready to do anything?? are we the one who are giving the top most priority to Money than to some sensible matters in our precious life?? These are the thoughts in my mind after watching a TV show Sach ke samna been telecasted on Star plus daily. This is the is the Indian version of the popular American reality show The Moment of Truth, which itself is adapted from the Colombian reality game show. Firstly I don't believe in this shows they are absolutely not out of reality, they are just a means to mint money.

Of course these type of programs may suit well to other cultures but obviously not to Indian culture. A TV program should entertain where the whole family could sit and enjoy it. Instead of entertaining, these shows may become the root cause for the origin of many negative shades in the younger generations. Because you are offered money, you are tend to expose your whole personal matters in the public, what a shame it is!!!!!! the applause from the audience at every 'true' answer from the participant really sounded disgusting for me.

I gone mad thinking at them how on Earth they could face their family members/ Spouse after this show. These shows may help you in becoming wealthier but you may lose some sensible and precious things in life that cannot be brought back with Money.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moving Mysteryyyyyyy

Last Friday we moved in to our new apartment, I was bit busy with all this stuff and couldn't update my blog, exactly the day before, On last Thursday evening when Rithvik's dad tried to take him to Rest room to wash his mouth holding his right arm, my naughty pie escaped from his hands and immediately started crying and didn't move his hand even. we are not sure what to do then and ran for the emergency by 8:45 pm and there we waited for our turn, in the mean while Rithvik started playing as usual unless until none disturbed his hand. Finally by 11pm a doctor walked in( after the visits of other junior doctors) and said it was like bone dislocation at elbow and he set it right with his fingers bending the elbow , that's a 2 minute job. Thank God, In no time Rithvik moved his arm. We reached home by 1:30 am and from the very next day he was quite normal.

Here comes the real mystery, when ever we are ready for a move, we are tend to face some issues like this. When we moved from California to here, Rithvik swallowed a small piece of plastic disposable glass and then we didn't go for emergency but that whole night was terrible for both of us monitoring him for any of the complications(check here).

When I came to US for the first time, I was attacked with a malaria fever just before my travel and need to cancel my tickets, We cancelled my tickets for three times due to my health problems finally I could make it possible by 4th time, after Rithvik was born we three went for vacation to India I got leg sprain just day before to our return journey hmmm.... generally I don't believe this but some incidents are making me to feel tensed.

when we two analysed these situations, my husband said to me, ' you know some thing, when I was a bachelor, my move to every new home brought me some good news, but after marriage it was all upside down' waah waah ....finally he shooted me meee me!!!!!!!!