Monday, December 29, 2008

Welcoming 5th year

Its been 4 yrs we were tied with a bond that filled our life with love. Living together is realising one another, sharing glad and sad expecting great times ahead. Married life is a mix of feelings, surprises, sacrifices, endless journey of two hearts.

For the first Anniversary we were in India and that day we didn't celebrate it much as we were tied up with some work but went out for lunch.

For the second year we are in California,USA. We were busy with our house shifting so didn't even had a thought to celebrate. For the third year I went to India with Rithvik for vacation so we missed each other.

Finally this time, we were in Connecticut, USA. Yesterday we got up from bed a bit late and I could not manage to pack his lunch so he came back from office and had lunch together. I prepared Dum biriyani, Bhaingan bartha, stuffed Bendi, and Dal . We did cake cutting and after his work, we had dinner at Olive garden and watched Ghajini hindi movie at home. I made mango flavoured cake and he decorated it. Thanks for every body who wished us.
A warm New year wish to all on behalf of my blog.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


An Old Lady lives to our next door. She complained against us to our apartment manager that my Son is making lot of noise and I went to her to say sorry she didn't even opened her door completely but nodded her head by saying, its okay.
Later on she used to warn us by banging our wall whenever she gets disturbed. Even if Rithvik drops a toy she bangs, even if he cries or falls she bangs, she will be in that job from 4pm itself. I wonder how can one maintain pin drop silence with kids?? we were fed up with this neighbour like anything, last night even Rithvik replied to her bang with a shout.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I wish.....I wish

I wish

  • to become lean like a Chinese girl.
  • to have silky fluffy and shiny hair.
  • to have a charm on my face always.
If the first two happen, I can try some lovely attire and lovely hair style then automatically third one happens. When can I see myself like this cute doll.....hmmm...silly me!!!!!!!!!!!

Now here comes my sincere wish list
Let the year 2009 may bring
---Good health and happiness to all.
---Peaceful India.
---An end to insecure lives.
---A nice idea in Obama's Brain :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Let us Awake INDIA

As we are on vacation, I couldn't elaborate my views yet regarding terrorists attack in Mumbai. "I am shocked to see the news " hmm I don't want to say these words again and again as India got habituated to these attacks but this time its really a big and a different one. No country could escape from terrorism but all it can do is to be alert with all its possible forces to avoid the next one. If this was not possible, at least they should work hard to save the people from the next second they got to know the news. India needs a proper infrastructure, good leaders who are intellectual for their positions but not inapt. Mr.R.R.Patil is good example for this who could simply state this attack as minor. Finally people are becoming victims for the official or political imbalances.
Some disgusting facts about this attack are
---Even after India got a warning from Russian spy agency of something like this, and also there was a intelligent tip, what were we doing....waiting for it to happen!!!
---How badly our shores are monitored, any body could enter????

---The terrorists were caught first to cams but not to cops. Of course I appreciate that commandos killed 9 members out of 15.
---The Commandos who were ready to fight are lack of Bullet proof jackets, night time goggles etc. Who knows where was the money going except the bank accounts of great leaders.

---Still there is a threat from the escaped 5 terrorists.
This continues and continues as long as we got to forgot this and as long as we don't realise the value of the life and as long as the people are curious to know from Ratan Tata about the loss incurred to Taj hotel rather than the lost lives. Sorry, if I made you to figure me out as an Criticiser, I regret myself to write this post but my outburst dominated my patriotism. I love my Country but it needs a change, change should start from every individual. I am proud because my Country gave birth to brave Jawaans who sacrificed their lives and saved so many lives. They made others inspired.

My deep condolences to the people who lost their lives in this pathetic attack.