Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woman abuse

We see every where in our country the slogans "Respect Woman" but they are limited to display boards just.....recent Mangalore pub happening is a live evil act of sick people in this society. Ram Sena group (few people) attacked a pub in Mangalore last weekend and assaulted women for violating Hindu culture. Women there were physically abused, slapped by men hmmm... being an woman, I feel shy to present this video.

If the Ram Sena gang feel that they are protecting Hindu culture by doing this, does our culture say to abuse girls in such a bad way?? going to a pub,taking drinks is their personal choice, that's the way they wanted to enjoy their life. I donno what bothers them, who gave the right to touch them? Why the women are supposed to bear these tortures, when will this discrimination disappears?? never an end to this insane!!! The people who are involved in this must be punished severely like the one AP government did to the guys who attacked the girls with acid in Warangal.

A survey says "Every hour, 18 women face abuse in India" I cannot imagine the number what it would be if it is surveyed throughout the world. I mean, not only in India, in every country this happens place is safer to woman in this big world.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its hunting Winter

Its snowing, Its shivering

yes its boring, no to outing,

sitting idle, shutting my door

getting mad, watching TV

catching cold, its irritating

Is this the East??? its bone chilling, then west is the best.

now tell me how is my Rhyming...... ideal piece for the quote Idle man's brain is devils workshop :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Satyam-----A Synonym for its Antonym ??????

My DH being an ex-employee of Satyam, could not digest the facts yet. Mr.Ramalinga Raju, for the eyes of every one, he is the one who took AP on to the chart of IT. Andhraites could feel the Satyam as the biggest asset they have but no more it is, now.....All the dreams shattered with his single letter that shocked every investor, lead the lives' of 53k employees to a big disaster.

Sources say that Mr.R.L.Raju, committed fraud by showing the figures of the profits of Satyam company with a huge difference of 7K Crores and stated that none other than him are responsible for this act. He opted this so as to grab investors and to bag the position as one among top 5 IT companies. I didnt fail to notice many online editions running collage picture of Kasab, Mr.Raju, Mr.Obama covering the most sensational people in the News.

Now, I wonder how leading IT companies could point out the Satyamites as fraud, for the fault of Bosses, why the hell all the other Andhraites are being blamed??? As long as if a person is at higher peaks of fame, no one bothers but when the things goes wrong, every body will raise their voices, that's what human psychology is!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the same time look at the goodness of Andhraites, even though he was the reason for the loss of investments of many, still he was in the hearts of many Telugu people at a softer and sympathetic edge.

Personally, after reading the news for the first time, I started to look back at his hectic life time journey that raised the company from 20 to 50k+ employees and also what all the pressures he may be in now?? Day by day after realising the possible forces of this issue like Political influence, about the funds being diverted to his personal assets like Maytas(yet unknown), the 3% profit story etc.. If these are all true, I mean, if the above factors are the real cause for this big pit, then Mr.Raju, Am sure you are no more in our good books, you live longer in the curses of victims.

I sincerely pray for the well being of Satyam and all its dependents and employees. Hope there will be some way to get out of this big mess. The talent of the employees is the biggest asset it had, that itself may take Satyam back to its shape. BTW, I appreciate the Government for its wise decision, gonna appoint new board members.