Monday, July 28, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear America, will you agree with this????

There are so many issues that America needs to learn from us.The wastage of resources they do. If we analyse, from bath time to bed time here it goes....

They usually take shower/ bubble bath with lots of water in their tubs when we compare this act , only a bucket or two will be used by a man in India.

Dish washers consume a lot of electricity and four times more water to the manual dish washing method we follow in India.

The way they maintain the electric equipments (almost every thing) in stand by mode when not in use.The lights in the malls being switched on even when they are closed.

The usage of canned foods,ready to eat packages are not environment safe.These people are more habituated to use and throw materials in their daily house hold chores.

Washers and dryers consume a lot of water and of course they could not avoid dryers because of climatic conditions.Now a days in India also every body got used to washers.

The count of the cars they hold are more than the members of the family hence more need of fuel.They don't have a proper structure of public transport so in near future, they may suffer to maintain a car.

If there comes water scarcity,there is no solution with these guys even they were not yet with power cut:). In another set of few years India and US may look the same and no doubt in it.America is losing its specialties day by day.Being addicted to luxuries they may not be able to digest all these facts.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie review

You know what because of my Little rascal we could not go to a theatre and enjoy a movie so we are limited to the movies that are released in DVD s and that too only what we have in our Indian grocery stores(maa ayyanni okattey vepuku thinesthunna cinema lu,DVD lu thendi ani paapam maa aayana) This week I saw three movies they are very old but want to post my review.

We saw Swagatham movie starring Jagapathi Babu,Anushka and Bhoomika. Yes if its a film being Jagapathi babu as a hero that movie must have two heroines :) first half of the cinema just resembles Kal ho naa ho and second half as usual sentiment like the one on his account. He looked aged in this movie totally its an okay okay kind of movie good to see at home.

Other one Saawariyaa, I was very much impressed with the name but coming to the content, its nothing. I felt like watching an art movie. The total movie runs with the same back ground and a single location nah not a good start for Ranbir kapoor and Sonam kapoor and very unexpected film from Sanjay leela Bansaali very low budget with a few actors.

Another movie One two three starring Sunil shetty,Paresh raawal,Isha deol,Sameera reddy etc..Comedy entertainer that rolls around the confusion caused due to three different persons bearing the same name. Okay chaltha type movie.

This is the story of my week madness

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Try it, it really works...

I believe in Shri Shiridi Sai Baba and he s there with me at all the times.I like the Principles he taught the devotees and of course so many people had real experiences even now also. I daily try to read a chapter from the book Sai Satcharithra. Its a book that fully describes the stories that were happened in those days. This book was actually written by Hamad panth in Marathi , Telugu translation was done by Shri Pathri Narayana rao, English was done by Shri Gunaji and every chapter has a moral to learn and its good if we try to adopt those in our routine. Coming about Harathis (Aarathulu), I really love the composition of songs, wonder how they were been composed by a devotee called Shri Dasugun ji so lovely though they don't have much musical instruments then. They were written in Marathi by other devotee Shri Bhishma.

Baba temple is very near to our place here. Its like 10 mins drive . We will mostly be there on Thursdays during Sej arathi and my mind stays in peace when ever i sing that arathi.
morning Arathi is known as Kakada arathi
noon one is known as Dhoop arathi
evening one is known as Sandhya arathi and
night arathi is called as Sej arathi.
In Shiridi these harathis will be given daily in Samadhi Mandir(Booty vaada/raathi vaada) which was built by a devotee Booty.

Coming to the main idea of this post, if you have any wish that you are strongly willing to get it fulfilled, I have a suggestion. Perform the daily pooja what ever you are familiar with. Offer Sugar to the God as prasad for 21 days without fail by maintaining the same quantity store it every day ( at the end you can donate this sugar to some poor people if you are in India this is possible and if not you can use it in your kitchen) and avoid the food which you love the most until the wish gets fulfilled. This is only a procedure requesting Baba to be with us in all our trials we are doing and to shower us with a success. It doesn't mean that it will get fulfilled even if you do not try.
It is not compulsory that you have to do this to Baba you can follow the same to the God whom you believe in . But I believe in Shiridi Baba infact one of his principles is "Sab kaa maalik ek hai". I am presently in this process as I want to get a wish to be fulfilled and I'm sure that i will soon update this post with the success. Try it, it really works....
Thanks for my friend Shravanthi for sharing this wonderful picture.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Its Heart touching

I came across a blog where a father describes the day to day improvement of his Son who is fighting with Leukaemia. It was so heart touching and for the first time i read it, tears rolled out with out my notice and I felt very disturbed and depressed. One could not bear the fact that a little boy of age 3 years (I am not sure of his exact age) hospitalised, undergoing a long run treatment. Its even hard to imagine what the parents will be going through. I used to follow the blog daily and later i felt happy to know that they were back to home but after few days when I tried to open the blog it didn't allowed me to access and I came to know that he discontinued his blog for some personal reasons and the boy is presently going through intensive chemo. What all can we do unless praying the God for the well being of Lil boy and let God give the parents more courage. I am aware of this only case but who knows how many kids are under such pathetic conditions. Oh God!!! whats the wrong with those cute Lil kids why don't you lighten some mercy on them.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Free Heart Surgery

Please forward this message to the people you
know , because most of thechildren's who are having heart problems,
their parents could not afford for their operation .

Contact : Sri Sathya Sai Institute Higher Medical Sciences,

E.P.I.P.Area, WhiteField,
Bangalore - 560 066Karnataka,
Telephone: +91- 080- 28411500Fax +91 - 080- 28411502
Employment related +91- 080- 28411500 Ext. 415
Email us General Queries: Pass it to all, it will help some one Picked it up at Sree's blog and passing it on, please pass it on to those you know and that it turn might help someone.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Soul-Search Tag!!

I have been tagged by Sree.

The tag rules: Write about the changes that have happened in your life, at least five, because of your significant other. Then Tag five others. If they don’t have a significant other, then any one person, who has caused the change. Please don’t leave the tag alone in the wild.

Its the time to review my past .It was been 3yrs we got married. Year by year our life turns out to be new with different flavours, realising the real taste. I was tied with a bond as soon as i completed my 20th year. I think that it was a bit early as it was just end of my teenage. But I strongly believe that maturity in thoughts improves with the age may be some one may argue that young blood rocks but that teenage is just incapable for decision making. Luckily I never had to regret for being married at earlier in fact, I learnt many from my better half.

Coming to the point, I learnt how to inculcate patience even this was the principle of many successful men. Being cautious while using words and should be a good listener rather than a criticiser. Many of the situations, made me to outburst my anger but that controlling power made me to not to loose my words. If we add a bit patience to our life, we will be away from anger.
Positive attitude is like a foundation for great thoughts. Unknowingly, I don't have the positive side in my thoughts. I even don't have a mind to realise that I am thinking in a wrong way. I didn't convince on it for the first time he opined but later if i went on analysing, I found myself in a wrong way. Recently i was across through some article from Mr. Abdul Kalam where he says us to take a moment to write down all the phrases you use on a daily basis or any Toxic self-talk that you have noticed so you will begin to catch yourself as they occur and change them.
Caring yes this is the right phrase for love. He loves to care and cares with love in turn made me to realise the happiness we can give to other as a lovable care taker.

Being responsible is the major change in my life. I even don't know before how to be responsible that too with a dedication in every job we do.A person can be treated as the superior when he has this factor

I became totally dependent. I don't know whether this should be counted under minus or plus. Even for silly things i could not stop my self with out seeking an advice from him. Ranging from attire selection to serious issues I would love to approach him. I question myself how did i made these all when he was not there in my life???
Last but not least to stay healthier by listening to your body and be conscious at what it needs and what not.

Thanks for tagging me Sree where I got a chance to reveal my self and I also thank the chain of bloggers who are indirectly responsible for this .....

Sorry for breaking the rule, I just want to tag this to Keerthi and Uma

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Inflation...India is struggling with rise in Inflation rate.inflation rate rose to 11.63 percent for the third week of June.This is the highest in the last 13 yrs hitting not only common man but also middle class families. Rise in price of oil,steel ,cement hmmm also common commodities like food .Inflation in India has been at high levels since the first week of June, it rose sharply to 11 percent from 8.75 percent.An year ago it was 4.32%.

May be the reasons for this are like political imbalance,crisis for resources,decrease of food crops as the cultivable lands are being gradually converted to make real estate business.Finally what ever may be the reasons, common man is the victim. we are just striving hard to plan our future even though we don't have much burdens but if we think about the people in India i wonder how are they managing all their family expenses. That too several families back at home are dependent on Single man income how could they be able to fulfill their needs if the goods are not at the reach of a common man.