Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Google Guru

I know that I am a bit late in wishing you but its always better to be late than never. I am sure that Google has become a part of our lives. Yet to watch for a day that passes without googling. No matter what the matter is, Google materialises. Ranging from funniest to emergencies, it is useful.

Few months back I wanted to tie dhoti for my Lil Son, but I don't know how??? Then Google search engine helped me to find an appropriate site.We two usually have bets like when was this movie got released, it helps me to prove my answer :).

here is a video showing more tips for a better search

We approach it before we do anything like....

To buy a new piece, we will Google its reviews and also for the best price.
To visit some place,we will Google for the location,directions.

To get rid of some issues related to work, we will Google for a solution.
To watch the latest news/shows we will Google for a better one.

To refer Encyclopedia's,schedules,contacts,results,vocabulary.
To cook a meal, eat out,what not the list goes on....

In precise, search engines makes our life easier, may save few cents and our valuable time. But the negative effects are we are getting lazy and dependent to these services. At one day we may lose our memory power. These became an extra helping hand for the people who are ready to misuse the Internet.That s why I always refer science&technology as an double edged knife.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Insecure lives

In these days Job security got diminished. Not known when the company will be declaring its last day, employers lay off. Last week leading financial titan Lehman Brothers decision is like a stroke for entire World fluctuating every sector. Many lost their jobs, AIG direct, Merill lynch too followed the same. Day by day leading companies making lay offs as a cost cutting technique. under these circumstances and with the day to day hiking prices how can an individual bear the life??
On the other hand, In India also the same situation no vegetable is available under 30Rs per kg and no Dal is under the budget of common Man. Its even hard for a middle class family to manage their budget then how about lower middle class families. If this continues, how can the people get nutritious food and how can they work for the next day.
While writing this post, these lines popped up in my mind of Maha kavi Sri sri

Thursday, September 11, 2008


As you are all aware of our relocation, I want to jump directly into the matter. We planned to reach Connecticut on 6th Sep(Saturday) so we booked our tickets for the early morning 6:30 am flight. We both were tied and tired up with packing and cleaning stuff since last week. Finally we slept at 2 am Friday night leaving few stuff to dispose for the next morning and DH kept alarm for 4am. Suddenly I woke up and asked him the time and he too raised from the bed and shocked realising that it was the time we planned to be in Airport.It was 5 am....already...we immediately changed our dresses and I dressed Rithvik. Called our friends to drop us. I am very thankful to our family friends Mr.Guru and Mr.Kiran. If they didn't helped, we would have certainly missed our flight.

Rithvik cried a lot as he got confused to the scene why he was been raised from the bed and why we are rushing. We reached the Airport by 5:45 am(15 mins to board) and got our baggage check in and got help from an Airport employee and ran for security check and
finally we were the last to board. The person who came after us was rejected by airport personnel and they asked him to come for next flight. If we would have missed this flight ,all our consequent plans will ruin.After take off Rithvik soon slipped in to his sleep.We enjoyed the chapatis prepared by Kiranmayi.I managed that stuff while security check by saying it as baby food. She gave those the last night so that we can eat them before we start to the Airport. Our flight reached to Minneapolis on time and we were been to our next flight that was to CT.
We landed by 5:30 pm and his friend Ali came to the Airport to receive us and had our dinner at their house that night, very nice family, Though they had their 2nd baby recently, they prepared every thing for us.Their elder Son and Rithvik enjoyed a lot as they were of same age. It was raining heavily (guess NY,NJ were also had the storm attack that day) we came to our apartment by 10pm and took a bath and we did the house warming. Yesterday got our Internet connection.
Did you not get a doubt why we were late that day.Its all due to the alarm that was set by my DH in his NEW Black berry mobile. The alarm is been set to weekdays as the weekend arrived by that time, It simply didn't buzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! as it was a new piece he didn't get a chance to explore it.
Moral 1:BE ware while using intellectual technologies.
Moral 2 : Better to set alarms on different pieces
(of course we don't have a chance then as we packed all our stuff) :-)
Settling down to the new, hoping for the best in our life...............