Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Bouncy boy

The night when we ran to the hospital for my delivery is still before my eyes, with in the 2 hrs I joined, my little bundle of joy joined us wondering all the doctors over there. A silent cry with his eyes slightly open and his cute lips will stay forever in my mind. Those tough times in my pregnancy soon turned to be sweet nothings with our first kiss and a hug.Women are blessed to be Mothers who could cherish some beautiful moments that defines the beauty of a life.

I must thank Varunavi for passing this beautiful tag, where I could reveal Mother in me. As this tag says to write five things I love about being a mother.
  • Being pregnant, I loved the feel of his kicks and moves, Though painful sometimes, they are sweet sweet so sweeeet.

  • I love to kiss him soon he slips to sleep. My Mom says a big NO to this but I could not resist myself.
  • He kisses me while munching the food that are a great treat for his taste buds and then I simply stare at him to not to miss his joyful expression.

  • He comes back to hug me though I shout or I am angry at him that's how they steal our hearts with their innocence filled love.

  • His cute Lil steps(I should say lil runs, he rarely walks) and eyes search for me saying 'maama, maama' in my absence and cries if he could not see me for a while.

and there are many more, every moment with him is a gifted one and precious. I realised the value of a Mother being a Mother rather than being a daughter. His bubbly words, silly acts, messy arts, quirky habits.....makes our 'life' ride exciting on a happy rail(touch wood). He will be Two by this May. May God give him bright future.

I wish all the best to many of my friends who are to be Moms. You are gonna enjoy a lot. I want to pass this tag to my sister.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazing voice....must watch

Listen to this amazing voice, how wonderful it is, an outstanding performance by Susan Boyle in Britain's got talent 2009 show. Click here to watch the video.

Just observe the difference in the faces of audience and judges before and after her performance. At every click of my replay button, I felt it like new. By the expressions of the people over there we can realise how they got mesmerized with her voice.

No words are enough and I am no way eligible even to appreciate you
Ms. Susan Boyle.You proved that the age and appearance are nothing before the gifted talent and hard work. All the best from my blog for your future endeavours.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Answer for my Riddle and Winners.......

If you are directly landing to here, I suggest you to give a try at my riddle and come back. For those who tried it, here you go.

Stmt 1: X (male)and Y (female) got married and had one daughter 'A' being the eldest and two Sons 'B' and 'C'.
No confusion in the above stmt, for X Y A, B,C are children.

Stmt 2: 'A' is married to X's sister's Son and had three children one Son G, and H,I as their daughters.
you can conclude that A's Son is G and A's daughters are H and I.

Stmt 3:Coming to B, he is married to Y's brother's daughter 'U' and had two daughters V and W.
B is X's son, B and U being a couple, (X is Father in law for U).
V and W are their children.

Stmt 4:Coming to C, he is married to A's daughter 'H'.
C is younger Son of X, and he is married to H, where H is daughter of A, where A is daughter of 'X, that means C married his sister's daughter.

Stmt 5:Coming to V, she is married to'G'and'W' is married to 'S'. from the above, discard W and S they are no way related to story.
now let us try to answer my for first question
How is ' H' related to 'U' other than a co sister.
H -- wife of C
U--wife of B
Since B,C are brothers, H,U became co sisters(refer 3,4 stmts)
to relate them other than co sister, (refer stmt 1)
A is sister in law for U because her husband B is brother to A.

(now refer stmt 2)
H is daughter of A. now if you join, H is U 's SIL's daugter in other way, for H, U is her mom's elder brother's wife(mama's wife).

How is 'V' related to 'H' (in two ways)?
V is daughter of B and U. H and U are co sisters so obviously H is dad's brother's wife (pinni) for V. this is one way (stmt 3).
( V is married to his dad's(B's) sister's(A's) Son.)

V being married to G, brother of H, V also becomes maradhalu for H.(stmt2).

Hope I cleared, If I confused you again, I have one more way just imagine 'X' as your Grandpa (dad's side) and Y as your Grand mother hence goes the family tree. If this is also a bad idea, please delete this riddle from your mind and excuse me but don't delete me from your mind :).

WINNERS: I declare Chandana as first winner. Her both answers are accurate. I guess she would have gone mad trying this. She is the first person to answer this. I asked this question to many in turn they warned me to not to come again with such. I appreciate her for giving such a wonderful trial.

Second winner is Mr.Vamsi, my close friend Devi's husband. I asked her this question instead her husband answered it who is totally not familiar with this kind of stuff. I am surprised to know answers from him. Last but not least, I thank for those who gave a try.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are you ready for voting????

Indian Elections are on its way, no matter which News paper you read, they portray egos and personal grudges of our leaders dumping us in a big confusion between fakes n facts. Political system, being the Country's biggest drawback, how can it fight against top issues and gain prosperity. We simply cannot fault our Government, because its all ourselves who shape it by electing leaders.

I welcome a day where an individual vote is unbiased one dominating regional, caste priorities. Consider, Judge, verify before you vote for a leader. Your vote is worth for building peaceful India that may eradicate bugs like corruption, terrorism, resource crisis that dictated our lives since long.

The below video inspired me to come up with this post. Thanks to my Sister, for letting me know about this video.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Riddle to my readers......

Caution: Please move away from distractions, otherwise you may shout at them while reading. Donot concentrate on this diagram.
Here is my Riddle
X (male)and Y (female) got married and had one daughter 'A' being the eldest and two Sons 'B' and 'C'.

  • 'A' is married to X's sister's Son and had three children one Son G, and H,I as their daughters.
  • Coming to B, he is married to Y's brother's daughter 'U' and had two daughters V and W.
  • Coming to C, he is married to A's daughter 'H'.
  • Coming to V, she is married to 'G' and 'W' is married to 'S'.

now answer my questions,

----How is ' H' related to 'U' other than a cosister. You didn't get how they become cosisters, then read again.
----How is 'V' related to 'H' (in two ways)?

Wait for this weekend for answer.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poor me!!!!!!!!!

Rithvik plays with every item in our house, Though he has lot of toys he always plays with my kitchen stuff, he almost spoiled my nonstick pans. Want to know his recent mischievous jobs, he removed the burner of stove by stepping on to the door of conventional oven that's located under the stove. He dismantled Ikea dining chair, he climbs on the glass dining and stumps on it. He tries hard to reach the shelves of a cupboard.

Did you ever see a keyboard like this??? waah waah.... its my 'Dell' laptop keyboard, almost 'dull' keys like Space bar, Shift, some alphabets are plucked by him. My DH always asks me to type if he wants to browse any thing from this laptop and now he regrets for not taking insurance for it. Its the time for you to appreciate me for managing my blog for the past one year with this gone case.

On a lighter side, I want to share his recent video. It may not be much clear as it is captured from my mobile.