Monday, June 16, 2008

Dreams...My Dreams

Dreams!!!!!!!!!May be its a fairy tale or a strange story or matter what it is, you can see the world without your eyes being wide open.vanishes from your mind before you try to recollect, that's the magic of a dream.I am not sure whether it happens with me or with none.There are many times in my life, they turned out to real.
Few days back,I dreamt of throwing milk into my kitchen sink from the can.That day,When i woke up my husband revealed that he poured the milk into the sink as he observed the milk getting spoiled while preparing tea.

Last year,I had a dream about my parents having some first aid for their wounds.I called them to enquire how they were doing and we were surprised to know that they met with a minor accident a day back.My mom too got surprised when i narrated her my dream.

My Grand mother,She is no more now.I am one of her favourite grand children.I frequently see her in my dreams that too compulsorily at the time of her ceremony.There is no point in thinking that it is my psychological feeling because I am really not aware of the date of the ceremony as it was according to Telugu calendar.

Some times I shout and talk a few words in midst of my sleep. Due to this, my husband really gets disturbed in his sleep .Unfortunately,he needs a very silent environment to sleep he wakes up even for a pin drop.I knew that so many of our dreams will be related to our thoughts that we have in our mind.But some times i feel that my dreams are paranormal.Friends,just wanted to share with you and also curious to know about yours....


keerthicherukuri said...

hmm....very true.....but unfortunately I do not remember any of my dreams to relate :((

Sree said...

i think it is Dejavu or something like that.. but yes, it does happen to a few people, though personally I hardly remember anything after waking up.

Its My World said...

@Sree is it!! lemme do research on it

Its My World said...

Ya most of times we cudnt remember them.