Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Google Guru

I know that I am a bit late in wishing you but its always better to be late than never. I am sure that Google has become a part of our lives. Yet to watch for a day that passes without googling. No matter what the matter is, Google materialises. Ranging from funniest to emergencies, it is useful.

Few months back I wanted to tie dhoti for my Lil Son, but I don't know how??? Then Google search engine helped me to find an appropriate site.We two usually have bets like when was this movie got released, it helps me to prove my answer :).

here is a video showing more tips for a better search

We approach it before we do anything like....

To buy a new piece, we will Google its reviews and also for the best price.
To visit some place,we will Google for the location,directions.

To get rid of some issues related to work, we will Google for a solution.
To watch the latest news/shows we will Google for a better one.

To refer Encyclopedia's,schedules,contacts,results,vocabulary.
To cook a meal, eat out,what not the list goes on....

In precise, search engines makes our life easier, may save few cents and our valuable time. But the negative effects are we are getting lazy and dependent to these services. At one day we may lose our memory power. These became an extra helping hand for the people who are ready to misuse the Internet.That s why I always refer science&technology as an double edged knife.


Anonymous said...

Hehehe nice post true :) Happy bday to google...I didn't realise until I saw ur post here ('ve used google search nearly 10 times since this morning)

Swathi said...

heyyy so true ramya...i cannot imagine life without google..somehow people abroad depend more on google than anything. this addiction has not yet reached india!!!

Ramya said...

Thanks Keerthi

even Google dont know the answer if somebody approaches it for directions to a place in India:)
but soon in near future itself we can expect people using search engines.

AdityA said...

Nice post. One of the things to thank them are their push for software as a service so u need not install softwareon your computer's.

On the other hand of google becomming a very important part of many people lives they are also becomming the new evil software company like microsoft in the 90's. Their reluctance to anonymize user search queries , keep track of every possible user action across the internet against their motto of DONT BE EVIL. Their hosting of illegal content on youtube and making money of it and passing on that money to the copyright holders is another example. Showing relavant ads based on the emails you receive is pretty much seen as invasion of privacy for many people which I feel is like helping you sometimes but always keeping an eye on every aspect of your life.

I hope that in their next 10 years they keep up their innovation and stick to their motto which they have been deviating once they have become powerful.

Ramya said...

Very nice point Aditya, I appreciate the way you analysed.
Why dont you start blogging?