Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woman abuse

We see every where in our country the slogans "Respect Woman" but they are limited to display boards just.....recent Mangalore pub happening is a live evil act of sick people in this society. Ram Sena group (few people) attacked a pub in Mangalore last weekend and assaulted women for violating Hindu culture. Women there were physically abused, slapped by men hmmm... being an woman, I feel shy to present this video.

If the Ram Sena gang feel that they are protecting Hindu culture by doing this, does our culture say to abuse girls in such a bad way?? going to a pub,taking drinks is their personal choice, that's the way they wanted to enjoy their life. I donno what bothers them, who gave the right to touch them? Why the women are supposed to bear these tortures, when will this discrimination disappears?? never an end to this insane!!! The people who are involved in this must be punished severely like the one AP government did to the guys who attacked the girls with acid in Warangal.

A survey says "Every hour, 18 women face abuse in India" I cannot imagine the number what it would be if it is surveyed throughout the world. I mean, not only in India, in every country this happens place is safer to woman in this big world.


Krishna Kumar said...

Deene achha Telugu lo Kali Kaalam antaru.. :-(

Sahaja said...

its like any news channel/website....all u c is such things! dont knw if its publicized more or really such an intensity is seen! good or bad we have in equal measures! :(

Anonymous said...

Hmmm naakee news antha detailedgaa theleedu...kaanee Women abuse anedi nuvvu cheppinattu prathi chota edo oka roopamlo vuntoone vundi..:((

Satish Bolla said...

baaga chepparandi. people should change according to the times.

Ramya said...

Yes KK Nijamey

Sahaja, yes I too agree with it, Kaani bad spread ayinantha twaragaa good spread avvadhu/

Keerthi yeppudu marathundo ee society.

Thankyou Satish ji