Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy beee!!!!!!!

It was almost been a month since I updated my blog, let me tell you, ( hammer pictured in your mind??? dont worry, this is gonna be short) with the fear of the winter ahead, we decided to not to waste these shiny summer weekends. Starting from July 4Th long weekend, we had busy busy weekends we visited Washington DC, Niagara falls, New York, and also covered zoo, parks, water falls that were located in and around our place.

In all I liked Niagara falls, from now I will try to be regular to my blog and hope you are all blogging regularly. You may all get a doubt what happened to this girl on week days ....I have a reason for this too, Now a days my Son is not taking naps during day times and he is getting mischievous day by day.....I could not dare to sit near my lappy when he is around as you already aware of my fear of losing a new keyboard:) next time If at all we are going to buy a lappy, I will force my hubby to take insurance for it.


Varunavi said...

Nice to see u back ramya.Ritivik had a good time no seeing zoo and animals.

Same here pinky is not sleeping till evening 4 and because varunavi is at home now i am getting time to blog,or else pinky wont allow me to do anything other than sitting with her.From this 30th varunavi schools starts,so i dont think i will get much time.

Lol at taking insurance for lappy :)

rekhas kitchen said...

k I was wondering that what happened to you! hope you enjoyed your trip. Nice to see you back Ramya.

Ramana KV said...

Baaga enjoy chesinatlu unnaru.. Good to see you back here..

Krishna Kumar said...

Welcome Back!..nenu kooda eemadhya chaala busy ga undi..came back to my blog.. :-) Hope u had a great fun visiting Niagara falls..

Satish Bolla said...

insurance for a lappy? sounds good. i've dropped it many times. happy visiting places