Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Re-entry

I am back to my blog after long time. Hope my fellow friends in the bloggerville are doing great updating their spaces. I Wanna give my re entry by remembering one of my most Favourite singers, M.S. Subbu Lakshmi.

Though It was been 5 years since she left this world, her sweet voice stays in our minds and souls. The morning that started with her Chanting of 'Kousalya supraja Raama' is definitely a soothing one. Her statue being bulit at Tirupathi is apt.
Recently I fell in love with this song sung by her called as 'Madhurastakam' I keep on playing this whenever I feel to listen to pleasant tunes.


Ramana KV said...

Welcome back..
Very pleasant songs...

Wish you a very happy new year.. :)

Sree said...

welcome back.. take care.

Krishna Kumar said...

Welcome Back... i wish i could listen tht song.. unfortunately sound doesn't work in my computer box..

Happy New year to you and ur family..