Thursday, December 18, 2008


An Old Lady lives to our next door. She complained against us to our apartment manager that my Son is making lot of noise and I went to her to say sorry she didn't even opened her door completely but nodded her head by saying, its okay.
Later on she used to warn us by banging our wall whenever she gets disturbed. Even if Rithvik drops a toy she bangs, even if he cries or falls she bangs, she will be in that job from 4pm itself. I wonder how can one maintain pin drop silence with kids?? we were fed up with this neighbour like anything, last night even Rithvik replied to her bang with a shout.


myspicykitchen said...

hehehe... manchi pani chesadu rithvik, replying to her with a bang.. :)

kk05zz said...

Random hopping lo itu mee blog lo vachi padda :P nice blog andi...and nice post too..btw naa blog kooda oo visit eyyandi ;)

Ramya said...

@Usha we too thought the same
@KK Thanks for dropping by and for your compliments too.