Friday, December 12, 2008

I wish.....I wish

I wish

  • to become lean like a Chinese girl.
  • to have silky fluffy and shiny hair.
  • to have a charm on my face always.
If the first two happen, I can try some lovely attire and lovely hair style then automatically third one happens. When can I see myself like this cute doll.....hmmm...silly me!!!!!!!!!!!

Now here comes my sincere wish list
Let the year 2009 may bring
---Good health and happiness to all.
---Peaceful India.
---An end to insecure lives.
---A nice idea in Obama's Brain :)


Sahaja said...

I dont know abt becoming thin [ i have been trying since 3 yrs!!] but I too love barbiessssssss
even now...i can play with them happily forgetting evrything around!

Ramya said...

Yes I too love them. I simply stares at them