Tuesday, July 7, 2009

White House!!!

For the July 4Th long weekend, we went to DC. On our way we had a night stay at DH's cousin's place and by the next day we went my friend's place in Virginia and on July4Th we went to DC and up til now I had a great sketch of White House in my mind, but at a closer view, to my eyes it just looked like the other buildings. We just had some snaps with the back ground of it, we are not even allowed to go and stay close to it. After visiting Capitol hill and a museum, At night we were there at a Monument to see fireworks and it took almost 1 hr for us to get out of our Parking lot and we reached home late night and the very next day we started back to our Place.

The sad thing is I was never been to our Country's Capital New Delhi, I didn't see the Red fort and Parliament yet in real. Hope I could tour North India in my next vacation.


Varunavi said...

True ramya i also never visited our capital,i wish to see red fort,lotus temple and taj mahal in agra.Before i die will go to these places for sure

Anonymous said...

Lucky u!!! it took 1 hour for u to get out of parking lot .it takes minimum 3 hours for us in New York and to get on to Highway it takes another 2 hours :( .one can feed there kids give them a nap too :(.the fun of watching the fireworks is lost once u r out of it .

Ramana KV said...

Talking of Delhi, it reminds me of our trips to college. We used to take a train to Delhi. On one of those trips, as we approached the station, our friend pointed out to a building and said that it's the parliament. We fools almost believed it before a fellow passenger revealed the truth.. Many such incidents with him.. He would sing the Kenyan national anthem and would say that he stayed in Kenya for few years.. Though it's truth it took a while for us to believe.

Krishna Kumar said...

By the way White house ki Vasthu ela undantaaru..?? :P

Ramya said...

@ya your are absolutely right we should go to those places before we die
@Anony ya in NY thats common I too heard.

@Ramana KV :)
@KK manaki vasthu lo zero knowledge, neekemainaa thelisthy chuudu :)