Friday, January 8, 2010

The Year 2009 for Andhra Pradesh

The year 2009 is good for us(tw) but when we think of our State Andhra Pradesh, the year 2009 was really a bad for it.

  • In Early 2009 itself Andhraites are recovering from the shock regarding the loss of Satyam company, the only IT source for Andhra pradesh.
  • In The Elections of 2009, Media made the people frustrated, News papers sounded just like the pamphlets of the parties they love finally leaving the people in a confusion what to believe and what not to!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, Jai Prakash Narayan is an exception his party/speeches does not come under this criteria
  • Sudden death of Mr. Y.S. Raj Sekhar Reddy really made the Andhra people sad, we lost a leader.
  • Floods in Andhra made the lives worse causing for the loss in wealth and health of the people.
  • Flu flu flu....Not only Andhra, this word became the scariest part all around the world.
  • The State became more instable with the serious issue Andhra-Telangana separatism, still it is continuing, affecting the life of a common Man with the name of Dharnas, Agitations, spoiling various resources etc.. I doubt even do God knows the end for this!!!!!!
with all these stuff finally 2009 ended, 2010 has arrived and 2 days back we got to know a news that YSR's death is not an accident, Its a planned one knows for sure whether it is a rumour or fact, but attacks have already started on the assets of Reliance group of companies.

Finally, where are we going to??? we are not even thinking for the well being of our state, As long as we focus more on attacks rather than ways to develop, we will be the same forever watching others going ahead.

Recently I got this forward mail which made me laugh.
Awards for the year 2009
--Best Actor: KCR
--Best Romantic Actor: ND Tiwari
--Best Silent Side Actor: Chandrababu Naidu
--Best Sensational Action Hero: Lagadapati Rajagopal

--Best Comedian: Chiranjeevi
--Best Dubbing Artist: Chidambaram
--Best Character Actor: Manmohan Singh

--Best Story Writer: Sonia Gandhi
--Best Screenplay: Sonia Gandhi

--Best Direction: Sonia Gandhi

--Best Audience: Rosiah

let us hope this 2010 may bring prosperity, wealth and health for the people and let this year may make Andhra strong.


Anonymous said...

hahaha.... manchiga incharu awards.... If this political drama were fiction, they deserve it... unfortunately, it is in real life

Varunavi said...

Welcome back ramya,nice to see u back.Happy belated new year wishes to u and to ur family.I was away for few days as i went to hyd.

Ramana KV said...

Hmm... Yah.. Nothing went well for the state in the last year..
I hope things turn around for the best of everyone.. :)

andhra pradesh news said...

ha ha ha good nice and funny thanx for making laugh

tollywoodpolitics said...