Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waah.....he called me Aunty :(

To our upstairs lives few bachelors, last night one of them knocked our door and wished me hi Aunty, for the moment I thought he wrongly knocked my door but no I was wrong he again said "Aunty, can I talk to Uncle??? I was speechless. hehehe he called my DH, uncle. My DH came and the guy requested us for a screw driver. After he went, my DH had a big laugh that was waiting behind for out burst. Though I am younger to him he called me aunty, why did these guys pronounce a married woman as Aunt???

There is one more guy in this world who teases me with this name. He is Aditya, we are very close family friends, childhood neighbours. Very friendly,Jovial, fun loving, mingles in no time, looking forward to get married. I am also looking forward to call his wife Aunt in near future.He came to our place last week, we had a great time. If you wanna look at him, he is the extreme person in this photo of my previous post . See how good I am, though he teases me, I am always good at him.


AdityA said...

thanks ramya for the compliments you have given me...but the question still lingers in my mind is what else do you address married women. If you call them by the name some people might think it is a disrespectful. With your post can you also address what bachelor's like me need to call married women like you?

Ramya said...

oops again you shooted me with a question.Aunty is the word that perfectly suits for the Women of my Mother's age but not for us.
I guess the word Bhabi sounds good.Lets see what others want to say.
Coming to us,I never mind what ever you call me.

Anonymous said...

hehehehe....Ramya naaku nee postlo ninnu aunty ani pilichinanduku badha kante mee vaarini uncle annanduku vunna santhoshame ekkuva kanipisthondi :D

sreechandana said...

ya naaku kudaa mi post lo mimmalni aunty anipilichina bhada kante mi vaarini uncle ani pilichina happiness ekkuva kanipistundi..

Indranee said...

Ramya, glad to visit your blog! Very nicely written post...just loved it. I really feel so disgusting hearing that particular"aunty"...makes me real angry:) Bhabi or didi is much better, I guess.

Ramya said...

@Keerthi and Chandu
mee iddaru alaa fix ayyara.Mari maa ayinaa kooda thega sambara paddaru nannu aunty ani pilichinandhuku.
Thank you very much.Yes I too feel Bhabi or Didi sounds good than Aunty