Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Mother Vs Indian Mother

I already posted in my blog about my banging neighbour (Click on it if you wanna read) she complained again, this time as per my advice, my apartment manager arranged a meeting including our couple, neighbour and herself. The problem is, my American neighbour is having disturbance of peace because of our kid.

My apartment manager being an American supported her, saying
---An American mother puts her kid to bed by 6pm where as an Indian mother doesn't...
---They were too aware of children and grand children but didn't observe this kind of tempo .
---They opine that we do not train the kids properly.

we argued in this way
---As a kid/children, we too used to go to bed early but not as early as 6pm, this generation kids' are different.
---No two kids are of same, they behave entirely different.
--- It will take some time to understand for kids, at least they must be of 2.5 yrs to realise what to do and what not to do.

I agree that my kid is bit active but he is as same as other Indian kids, raising kids varies with different cultures. I never encourage him to disturb others but at the same time I cant destruct his activities, I cant restrict him by keeping no entry zones. May be because they don't have much spice in their food, their kids' stay calm but that doesn't possible for a Indian kid. I love to see my kid playing all the time exploring new. I simply love to see him as an energetic busy beeeeeeee.
Pour your ideas and correct me if I am wrong.


Anonymous said...

Aahh! 6PM ki padukopedathaara American mommies? first time vintunnaa :O

Pillalannaaka allari cheydam sajaham...nindaa 3 yrs leni vaadiki em thelusthundi ye pitch varakoo ayithe gola cheyocho :D

Mee neighbourki pillalante padademo X-(

Krishna Kumar said...

Deenipatti arthamaina neetenti..??America pillalu sudda pappulannaamata when compared to Indian kids..manam always keka kada.. ;-)

Varunavi said...

I totally agree with u.All kids are not same.My younger kid is just like ur kid,full day she is active and as u said busy beeeeee,but elder one is calm,she plays herself and sleeps on time very smart child.
My eyes are always on her and never stop her nor i restrict her,but i keep a eye on her.
Even my neighbour tells me that she has to take rest at 7.00 evening pls tell ur kids not to shout

Ramya said...

@Keerthi nenu kudaa shock aamey ivanni chepthuntey..

YES KK, Indian blood rocksss

Varunavi as you said we could never limit their activities.