Sunday, April 12, 2009

Answer for my Riddle and Winners.......

If you are directly landing to here, I suggest you to give a try at my riddle and come back. For those who tried it, here you go.

Stmt 1: X (male)and Y (female) got married and had one daughter 'A' being the eldest and two Sons 'B' and 'C'.
No confusion in the above stmt, for X Y A, B,C are children.

Stmt 2: 'A' is married to X's sister's Son and had three children one Son G, and H,I as their daughters.
you can conclude that A's Son is G and A's daughters are H and I.

Stmt 3:Coming to B, he is married to Y's brother's daughter 'U' and had two daughters V and W.
B is X's son, B and U being a couple, (X is Father in law for U).
V and W are their children.

Stmt 4:Coming to C, he is married to A's daughter 'H'.
C is younger Son of X, and he is married to H, where H is daughter of A, where A is daughter of 'X, that means C married his sister's daughter.

Stmt 5:Coming to V, she is married to'G'and'W' is married to 'S'. from the above, discard W and S they are no way related to story.
now let us try to answer my for first question
How is ' H' related to 'U' other than a co sister.
H -- wife of C
U--wife of B
Since B,C are brothers, H,U became co sisters(refer 3,4 stmts)
to relate them other than co sister, (refer stmt 1)
A is sister in law for U because her husband B is brother to A.

(now refer stmt 2)
H is daughter of A. now if you join, H is U 's SIL's daugter in other way, for H, U is her mom's elder brother's wife(mama's wife).

How is 'V' related to 'H' (in two ways)?
V is daughter of B and U. H and U are co sisters so obviously H is dad's brother's wife (pinni) for V. this is one way (stmt 3).
( V is married to his dad's(B's) sister's(A's) Son.)

V being married to G, brother of H, V also becomes maradhalu for H.(stmt2).

Hope I cleared, If I confused you again, I have one more way just imagine 'X' as your Grandpa (dad's side) and Y as your Grand mother hence goes the family tree. If this is also a bad idea, please delete this riddle from your mind and excuse me but don't delete me from your mind :).

WINNERS: I declare Chandana as first winner. Her both answers are accurate. I guess she would have gone mad trying this. She is the first person to answer this. I asked this question to many in turn they warned me to not to come again with such. I appreciate her for giving such a wonderful trial.

Second winner is Mr.Vamsi, my close friend Devi's husband. I asked her this question instead her husband answered it who is totally not familiar with this kind of stuff. I am surprised to know answers from him. Last but not least, I thank for those who gave a try.


Varunavi said...

Lol got the answer now,but still some confusion.
Oh god such a big family tree

"please delete this riddle from your mind and excuse me but don't delete me from your mind" loved this line:)

rekhas kitchen said...

aareee! miss ayi poyanu kada hummmmm!

Ramya said...

@Varunavi Thanks for letting me know.

@Rekha It always better to he late than never so go give a try....

sreechandana said...

ayyabaaboy !! nenu winner ni ... thk u thk u naaku siggesestundi :P

Varunavi said...

Ramya pls accept my invitation to visit my blog