Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are you ready for voting????

Indian Elections are on its way, no matter which News paper you read, they portray egos and personal grudges of our leaders dumping us in a big confusion between fakes n facts. Political system, being the Country's biggest drawback, how can it fight against top issues and gain prosperity. We simply cannot fault our Government, because its all ourselves who shape it by electing leaders.

I welcome a day where an individual vote is unbiased one dominating regional, caste priorities. Consider, Judge, verify before you vote for a leader. Your vote is worth for building peaceful India that may eradicate bugs like corruption, terrorism, resource crisis that dictated our lives since long.

The below video inspired me to come up with this post. Thanks to my Sister, for letting me know about this video.


Ramya Bala said...

hey ramya actually i didnt see the video yet...nowadaya am bit busy,so cudnt respond immediately to so sorry,but sure am gonna read the post abt ur kiddo by tmrw..hehhe sounds interestg :)thanks for trying the egg curry and happy that u liked it

and actually first when u pinged me,the evry first time...i thought it was one of my frnd ramya...her kids name is rithika..and hubbys name is vikram...somewhat related to ur blog name right?happy to meet

uvrao said...

that is a nice video. I didn't see it either.

I am following the AP elections a little bit and it is so ridiculous how the politicians are switching parties to just get a ticket... no party loyalties and no political principles/views... they are willing to jump into another party, as long as they can get a ticket... and then there are these rebel candidates and the suicide attempts to blackmail/pressurize the party heads to give them a ticket.... it is disgusting...

Ramya said...

wow thats a coincidence and Thanks for dropping by.

Ya you are right these politician are out of their ethics completely.