Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Bouncy boy

The night when we ran to the hospital for my delivery is still before my eyes, with in the 2 hrs I joined, my little bundle of joy joined us wondering all the doctors over there. A silent cry with his eyes slightly open and his cute lips will stay forever in my mind. Those tough times in my pregnancy soon turned to be sweet nothings with our first kiss and a hug.Women are blessed to be Mothers who could cherish some beautiful moments that defines the beauty of a life.

I must thank Varunavi for passing this beautiful tag, where I could reveal Mother in me. As this tag says to write five things I love about being a mother.
  • Being pregnant, I loved the feel of his kicks and moves, Though painful sometimes, they are sweet sweet so sweeeet.

  • I love to kiss him soon he slips to sleep. My Mom says a big NO to this but I could not resist myself.
  • He kisses me while munching the food that are a great treat for his taste buds and then I simply stare at him to not to miss his joyful expression.

  • He comes back to hug me though I shout or I am angry at him that's how they steal our hearts with their innocence filled love.

  • His cute Lil steps(I should say lil runs, he rarely walks) and eyes search for me saying 'maama, maama' in my absence and cries if he could not see me for a while.

and there are many more, every moment with him is a gifted one and precious. I realised the value of a Mother being a Mother rather than being a daughter. His bubbly words, silly acts, messy arts, quirky habits.....makes our 'life' ride exciting on a happy rail(touch wood). He will be Two by this May. May God give him bright future.

I wish all the best to many of my friends who are to be Moms. You are gonna enjoy a lot. I want to pass this tag to my sister.


Krishna Kumar said...

Women Enjoy carrying their respective kids

Men Enjoy Caring their respective women along with their respective kids..

Caring and Carrying is the Moolamantra of life!!

Varunavi said...

Lol he runs rarely walks--- even my kid 2 runs on her toes,i get scared by seeing her running,she doesnt mind also if she gets hurts,she will just push that thing which came in between her way and runs fast from there.

I never felt the kicks in my first pregancy,but the second one was very active,she used to kick me when i was hungry.I had diabetics from my 3rd month,it was horrible,i was not supposed to eating anything,i was hungry.U know what i used to do,i just used to chew the shells of salted pista.
Enjoyed reading it ramya..........

neeru said...

hey Ramya...gud one again...ur blog always inspires me start my own blog, hope to do that one day...also liked the comment by Krishna kumar...its very sweet

DPhatsez said...

Your joy is evident from your writing!
Congrats MUM!
God bless you, your newborn and your family!

Ramya said...

@Krishna Kumar yes ofcourse I agree
Men know caring a lot than women

@Varunavi thank you.I guess your younger one and my Son are of same tempo.

@Neeru thanks dear and when r u starting it.

@Dphatsez thanks for dropping by, and sorry I dont know your name, My Son will be 2yrs by this May. Your comment made me to add one morepoint in my post, rgd his age. Thank again

DPhatsez said...

Im philip. point regarding his age duly noted :)

Do drop by my blog when time permits :)

Smitha.V said...

Ramya,thanks for the tag, i posted it with the title My wonderful responsibility--my boy.

RAJKUMAR said...

Good postings from u ramya...
This was so good,no words to put :)
Njoy the sweet days with him..
Good Memories...:)

Ramana KV said...

Wonderful moments.. I guess these are the most joyful days of life where the kids charm with their innocence and love.. Enjoy..

Thanks for the wishes..

Ramya said...

@Philip sure will dropby
@Akka good that you took it

@Raj Kumar Thank you very much
@Ramana ya their innocence attracts us.