Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My review on 'Sach ka samna' show

Money....Money...Money It rules your world, Dreaming ourselves in a big heap of money, will we be ready to do anything?? are we the one who are giving the top most priority to Money than to some sensible matters in our precious life?? These are the thoughts in my mind after watching a TV show Sach ke samna been telecasted on Star plus daily. This is the is the Indian version of the popular American reality show The Moment of Truth, which itself is adapted from the Colombian reality game show. Firstly I don't believe in this shows they are absolutely not out of reality, they are just a means to mint money.

Of course these type of programs may suit well to other cultures but obviously not to Indian culture. A TV program should entertain where the whole family could sit and enjoy it. Instead of entertaining, these shows may become the root cause for the origin of many negative shades in the younger generations. Because you are offered money, you are tend to expose your whole personal matters in the public, what a shame it is!!!!!! the applause from the audience at every 'true' answer from the participant really sounded disgusting for me.

I gone mad thinking at them how on Earth they could face their family members/ Spouse after this show. These shows may help you in becoming wealthier but you may lose some sensible and precious things in life that cannot be brought back with Money.


Satish Bolla said...

i saw it for 5 minutes n got pissed off

Ramana KV said...

The program doesn't seem interesting..