Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hope you had a great Ugadi

Hope you enjoyed Ugadi with all yummy dishes, new attire, going to Temple. Being here that's all we can do on a festival. I wanna share few snaps of dishes I made that day. If you want me to name those, they are Ugadi pachadi, fruits, nuts as nyvedyam and Mango pulihora for lunch, sabhudhaana vada as a Snack, Ravva ladoo as a sweet and we finished our dinner with Drumstick gravy(photo not taken) and some left overs.

The name of this Telugu new year is Virodhi naama(విరొధి నామా) and every year I would love to look at Panchamgam(పంచాంగం) for the four values.

Aadhayam(ఆదాయం), Vyayam(వ్యయం),

Rajapujyam(రాజపుజ్యం), Aavamanam(అవమానం).

For me they are 8,11 3,3 and for my husband they are 2,8,1,7 respectively. So this time it says we both are gonna to be spend thrifts and we should be careful in keeping relationships with others. I just watch them out of my curiosity because I strongly believe that our future is an outcome of our acts, but not because of those written fates. I wish you all great times ahead in your life.

I heard the news that Jr.NTR was met with an accident. I admire his dance and I feel his expressions as his biggest asset that reminds us his Grandpa. Sources say that his speeches on political stage are also a hit but now a days I observe all Telugu newspapers as biased, supporting their own favourite leaders. These fellows are dumping us in confusion where we cant judge the facts and fakes. Finally I wish Jr.NTR, a speedy recovery.


Varunavi said...

Happy ugadi ramya.
Even i felt sad on hearding jr.NTR accident.I wish he recovers fast.
I liked him before he reduced.Inspite of having heavy body,his body is much flexible,i love his dance,his dialogue delivery.I heard he is very good as a person, he does charity and he took the responsiblity of paying fees of a poor MBBS student.

rekhas kitchen said...

Hi ramya first time here nice space you have Happy ugadi nice post yes i too like jr NTR s dance style

Ramya said...

@Varunavi ya letshope the best for him.
@Rekha thanks for dropping by

Ramana KV said...

Happy Ugadhi.. Wish you a great year ahead..
He is sure one of the finest actors..