Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy one year of blogging

I started blogging a year back just to present my poetry but soon it turned out to be a space for my thoughts.First of all I should thank my lovable husband who values my opinions and equally my sweet Son who cooperated me with his naps, and this google's blogger service, responsible for many virtual friends in our life. I am lucky to have people who encourage me by giving their valuable feedback and suggestions like my Dad, Sister and family friends like Aditya, Deepa and Neeraja and many more friends who dropby.

I learnt a lot from this blogging and could feel the joy of sharing. I want to dedicate this post to all my fellow bloggers. To name you all is my privilege .

Swathi, known as owner of an online community and we became friends soon. I am very much impressed with her blog hence I started one. Brilliant girl, could bring changes everyday with her ideas.

Keerthi, also a virtual friend from the same community is a good friend of mine. I bet anybody who is fed up with daily chores soon gets refreshed if once they step into her zone. She is the best in narration and makes us to feel her like a next door girl.
Amu, a queen in baking world, very friendly, hard working, sensitive, loves to do KT. Her delicacies are tempting always.
Sree, I follow her blog to update myself with the best vocabulary. I like her mode of writing, apt words that shoots the target.
Usha, I follow her movie updates as well her recipes, I tried so many recipes of her and they are a huge hit in my kitchen.
Varunavi, my new friend in this blog sphere. I got addicted to her blog in no time. I could not stop myself looking at her daily yummy updates.
Sahaja, also a new friend, I like her photography talent and the way she presents her blog with a great command in language.
KK, by dropping to his blog, my mind soon slips to my college days, young blood rockkss, what say KK??

I also drop at Pratima's for her updates on her little prince, Deepthi's who could elaborate well about cultures and festivals, Allantha duraana of chandu's, Nagrockz for the best unbiased political news and movie reviews, Rakesh's for a hearty laugh, naa autograph of Satish, ramya cooks for culinary. Sorry If I forgot any and please feel free to notify, I would love to update.
Last but not least, I also thank those who are on followers list and those who covered my blog in their hopping and once again thanks to all my readers.


Amu... said...

Wooohoooo...Congrats Sweetheart...One Year...thats a lot of time and dedication put into something...but since you enjoy the experience...all I say is .."Good On You..."

Again honoured that you mentioned me here...what have I done to deserve this much appreciation from you...But seriously...I am Touched by this Gesture Ramya...Thank You...

Dont Mind my Ignorance...but what does KT mean???

Ramya said...

Thank you sooo much dear for quick comment. btw, KT means Knowledge transfer.

Varunavi said...

Congrats dear.I don't how i hoped to ur blog,but the moment i saw ur blog i got addicted to ur blog.I love the way u write abt telugu films etc.
Thanx a ton dear for mentioning me.I am really moved by gesture of urs.
All the best and hugs to ur son

rekhas kitchen said...

oohh wow congrats and thank you so much for your lovely comment in my blog

Swathi said...

Hey Ramya,
thanks for a special mention of my name....feeling so overwhelmed..i was not able to continue my blog...but great to see that u were able to keep ur blog alive for a year...and i wish that u keep this beautifull blog active for years to come! All the best.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ramya!!! Happy First Birthday to "My World"! Keep the good work and thanks for mentioning me in ur blog. I am honored... Good luck!

neeru said...

Gr8 going Ramya.I wonder whats my contribution in this but Thnx for mentioning my name.
All the best and keep doing the gud work.

Ramana KV said...

Congratulations on this milestone.. Keep blogging..

sreechandana said...

congrats ramya...

Sree said...

keep it going... it is the first milestone, hope you reach many more such and fill in this space with words, life, and much more.

Nagrockz said...

congrats Ramya gaaru. keep blogging.Its really a great gesture to include all the blogger names(not just the names but the blog URLs too Unfortunately I don't have enough time to link into all blogs. But for sure two hours of my weekend time will be for all my fellow bloggers.

And nenu hurt nenu only political news okkate kaadu ga offer chetshundi :P. J/K

Bloggers jaiHo. Good luck sister!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear...Wish ur blog many more happy returns...Keep rocking...

Thanks a lot for those sweet complimets :D Pandaga chesukuntaa ika

smitha said...

Great going Ramya, itz surprising me how u make time with ur little rascal.........congrats on completion of 1 yr.Keep rocking on ur blog.

Sahaja said...

Awwwww....Thats ssoooo sweet of you Ramya!!! I also tend to write like this and Thanks a zillion for mentioning me too! It was a pleasant surprise and loads of encouragement!! :)

And Congrats on one year of blogging!! :)

I am sorry am nt so active these days in reading[tied up with work waaa] but will get myself sorted soon and wud be regular!

I have read about ur post on telugu movies and I had loadsss to tell u, I love them too...will soon comment :)[did not wnat to half do it in hurry!]

you really brightened up my day!

Varunavi said...

Ramya did u checked my reply for ur query on koftas?

Ramya said...

@Varunavi,Rekha,Chandu, Sree Thank you sooo much.

@Swathi Thanks n you deserve a spl mention as your blog inspired me.

@Usha Thank u, looking forward for yummy updates from you.

@Neeraja, you are always one in my list who wish for my success.

@Ramana garu Thank you very much

Ramya said...

I guess ur name as Praveen, sorry if iam wrong. Thanks Praveen garu and I an very much impressed tofind genuine analysis in your blog which made me to point rgd political news.

@Keerthi thank you dear and sorry for tht mistake.

@Akka thanks
@Sahaja Iam very much happy to know tht many liked that movie directors' post and I feel great for the wonderful comment you gave.

Krishna Kumar said...

Yea Yea..Young Blood rocks... ;) kaavala okka liter pack chesi courier pamputa.. :-D

Satish Bolla said...

congrats andi, ramya garu. it was a great feeling to have completed one year on blogger, right? mari party eppudu?

due to workload in office after coming back frm vacation, i was not able to check out all blogs preiodically. but will b back with full force soon. tc n enjoy the occasion