Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Try it, it really works...

I believe in Shri Shiridi Sai Baba and he s there with me at all the times.I like the Principles he taught the devotees and of course so many people had real experiences even now also. I daily try to read a chapter from the book Sai Satcharithra. Its a book that fully describes the stories that were happened in those days. This book was actually written by Hamad panth in Marathi , Telugu translation was done by Shri Pathri Narayana rao, English was done by Shri Gunaji and every chapter has a moral to learn and its good if we try to adopt those in our routine. Coming about Harathis (Aarathulu), I really love the composition of songs, wonder how they were been composed by a devotee called Shri Dasugun ji so lovely though they don't have much musical instruments then. They were written in Marathi by other devotee Shri Bhishma.

Baba temple is very near to our place here. Its like 10 mins drive . We will mostly be there on Thursdays during Sej arathi and my mind stays in peace when ever i sing that arathi.
morning Arathi is known as Kakada arathi
noon one is known as Dhoop arathi
evening one is known as Sandhya arathi and
night arathi is called as Sej arathi.
In Shiridi these harathis will be given daily in Samadhi Mandir(Booty vaada/raathi vaada) which was built by a devotee Booty.

Coming to the main idea of this post, if you have any wish that you are strongly willing to get it fulfilled, I have a suggestion. Perform the daily pooja what ever you are familiar with. Offer Sugar to the God as prasad for 21 days without fail by maintaining the same quantity store it every day ( at the end you can donate this sugar to some poor people if you are in India this is possible and if not you can use it in your kitchen) and avoid the food which you love the most until the wish gets fulfilled. This is only a procedure requesting Baba to be with us in all our trials we are doing and to shower us with a success. It doesn't mean that it will get fulfilled even if you do not try.
It is not compulsory that you have to do this to Baba you can follow the same to the God whom you believe in . But I believe in Shiridi Baba infact one of his principles is "Sab kaa maalik ek hai". I am presently in this process as I want to get a wish to be fulfilled and I'm sure that i will soon update this post with the success. Try it, it really works....
Thanks for my friend Shravanthi for sharing this wonderful picture.


Anonymous said...

sharing your experiences is good thing pl carryon and maintain u r blog. update with burning issues.
ur expression is very impressive write about baba holy flame and sataka,vudi etc collect those material in sai sacharitra from different chapters. especially the photo graph of baba
is a rear and original.

ur dad

Ramya said...

sure Dad I will come up soon with all those shortly.

RAM said...

hi, what ever he said was true, i had gone through the book it is really good.u can find a lot of change in you by going through the book. by raeding each and every chapter your blelief in baba increases and you will accept that he is the one who sets you in a very good posiiton in your life. iam starting your practice from todAY