Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear America, will you agree with this????

There are so many issues that America needs to learn from us.The wastage of resources they do. If we analyse, from bath time to bed time here it goes....

They usually take shower/ bubble bath with lots of water in their tubs when we compare this act , only a bucket or two will be used by a man in India.

Dish washers consume a lot of electricity and four times more water to the manual dish washing method we follow in India.

The way they maintain the electric equipments (almost every thing) in stand by mode when not in use.The lights in the malls being switched on even when they are closed.

The usage of canned foods,ready to eat packages are not environment safe.These people are more habituated to use and throw materials in their daily house hold chores.

Washers and dryers consume a lot of water and of course they could not avoid dryers because of climatic conditions.Now a days in India also every body got used to washers.

The count of the cars they hold are more than the members of the family hence more need of fuel.They don't have a proper structure of public transport so in near future, they may suffer to maintain a car.

If there comes water scarcity,there is no solution with these guys even they were not yet with power cut:). In another set of few years India and US may look the same and no doubt in it.America is losing its specialties day by day.Being addicted to luxuries they may not be able to digest all these facts.


Swathi said...

I agree to T.....US guys do lot of conferences for environement safety..and they neglect these kind of things which impacts a lot on environment.

Sree said...

interesting perspective..

Ramya said...

@Swathi well said, its easy to say but implementation needs a proper plan.

@Sree Thanks

Pinky said...

First time here through swathi's blog...Interesting observations, Dishwasher vs Handwashing is something to think about..I read somewhere that latter consumes more water.. Most of the environmentalists are recommending energy compliant DW...Will do my research now :)
btw, nice blog..

Ramya said...

Thanks for dropping by.Oh really hand washing consumes a lot than DW! Let me do some research.