Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie review

You know what because of my Little rascal we could not go to a theatre and enjoy a movie so we are limited to the movies that are released in DVD s and that too only what we have in our Indian grocery stores(maa ayyanni okattey vepuku thinesthunna cinema lu,DVD lu thendi ani paapam maa aayana) This week I saw three movies they are very old but want to post my review.

We saw Swagatham movie starring Jagapathi Babu,Anushka and Bhoomika. Yes if its a film being Jagapathi babu as a hero that movie must have two heroines :) first half of the cinema just resembles Kal ho naa ho and second half as usual sentiment like the one on his account. He looked aged in this movie totally its an okay okay kind of movie good to see at home.

Other one Saawariyaa, I was very much impressed with the name but coming to the content, its nothing. I felt like watching an art movie. The total movie runs with the same back ground and a single location nah not a good start for Ranbir kapoor and Sonam kapoor and very unexpected film from Sanjay leela Bansaali very low budget with a few actors.

Another movie One two three starring Sunil shetty,Paresh raawal,Isha deol,Sameera reddy etc..Comedy entertainer that rolls around the confusion caused due to three different persons bearing the same name. Okay chaltha type movie.

This is the story of my week madness


Anonymous said...

Nenu indulo okka movie kooda choodaledu Ramya ;;) choodochantaava okasari?

Ramya said...

Keerthi intlo time pass ki aithy chuddachu.Kaani sawariyaa receive chesuko levu emo.naakaithy adhi parama borekottindhi.