Saturday, July 5, 2008


Inflation...India is struggling with rise in Inflation rate.inflation rate rose to 11.63 percent for the third week of June.This is the highest in the last 13 yrs hitting not only common man but also middle class families. Rise in price of oil,steel ,cement hmmm also common commodities like food .Inflation in India has been at high levels since the first week of June, it rose sharply to 11 percent from 8.75 percent.An year ago it was 4.32%.

May be the reasons for this are like political imbalance,crisis for resources,decrease of food crops as the cultivable lands are being gradually converted to make real estate business.Finally what ever may be the reasons, common man is the victim. we are just striving hard to plan our future even though we don't have much burdens but if we think about the people in India i wonder how are they managing all their family expenses. That too several families back at home are dependent on Single man income how could they be able to fulfill their needs if the goods are not at the reach of a common man.

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Sree said...

those are my woes in general too :(..

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