Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Soul-Search Tag!!

I have been tagged by Sree.

The tag rules: Write about the changes that have happened in your life, at least five, because of your significant other. Then Tag five others. If they don’t have a significant other, then any one person, who has caused the change. Please don’t leave the tag alone in the wild.

Its the time to review my past .It was been 3yrs we got married. Year by year our life turns out to be new with different flavours, realising the real taste. I was tied with a bond as soon as i completed my 20th year. I think that it was a bit early as it was just end of my teenage. But I strongly believe that maturity in thoughts improves with the age may be some one may argue that young blood rocks but that teenage is just incapable for decision making. Luckily I never had to regret for being married at earlier in fact, I learnt many from my better half.

Coming to the point, I learnt how to inculcate patience even this was the principle of many successful men. Being cautious while using words and should be a good listener rather than a criticiser. Many of the situations, made me to outburst my anger but that controlling power made me to not to loose my words. If we add a bit patience to our life, we will be away from anger.
Positive attitude is like a foundation for great thoughts. Unknowingly, I don't have the positive side in my thoughts. I even don't have a mind to realise that I am thinking in a wrong way. I didn't convince on it for the first time he opined but later if i went on analysing, I found myself in a wrong way. Recently i was across through some article from Mr. Abdul Kalam where he says us to take a moment to write down all the phrases you use on a daily basis or any Toxic self-talk that you have noticed so you will begin to catch yourself as they occur and change them.
Caring yes this is the right phrase for love. He loves to care and cares with love in turn made me to realise the happiness we can give to other as a lovable care taker.

Being responsible is the major change in my life. I even don't know before how to be responsible that too with a dedication in every job we do.A person can be treated as the superior when he has this factor

I became totally dependent. I don't know whether this should be counted under minus or plus. Even for silly things i could not stop my self with out seeking an advice from him. Ranging from attire selection to serious issues I would love to approach him. I question myself how did i made these all when he was not there in my life???
Last but not least to stay healthier by listening to your body and be conscious at what it needs and what not.

Thanks for tagging me Sree where I got a chance to reveal my self and I also thank the chain of bloggers who are indirectly responsible for this .....

Sorry for breaking the rule, I just want to tag this to Keerthi and Uma


Sree said...

you have put it out well and yeah I feel that I should have married earlier or not married at all at times :).

keerthicherukuri said...

Good write up Ramya...This surely is a very nice tag..will take it up soon :)

Its My World said...

@ Sree
Thanks for the compliment
Thanks, looking forward to see yours.

Its My World said...
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