Monday, August 25, 2008

One...Two....Three....India is the best

I forgot to submit this post , though composed it 3 days back.This is really a great achievement, I am talking about the performance of our India in the Olympics. "Olympics lo Okka medal ravatame goppa ani anukuney vallandhariki buddhi chepparu" YES WE ARE VERY VERY HAPPY TO SEE INDIA WINNING 3 MEDALS.

I appreciate the parents of the winners as well the parents of other participants in Olympics. They gave importance to the intrest of their children and encouraged them . The people /coaches who found their talent also share a great role.

Sushil Kumar, who won Bronze for India in wrestling, was a Son of a MTNL bus driver and with minimal funds, poor training facilities for wrestling in India, even for the 2008 Olympic team, Sushil's family made sure he obtained the necessary dietary supplements by sending him tinned milk, ghee and vegetables. Even his Cousin Sandeep who was an inspiration for Sushil had to quit from wrestling as the family is capable to support only one wresler. Really hats off to him and his family for making this a great achievement.Its good that now Government has recognised him with a promotion in the job and also cash awards 1Crore 65lakhs.

Coming to Vijender Kumar,the same story repeats who won bronze for India in boxing was a Son of a bus driver who drove buses overtime to raise funds for Vijender's training and his mother is a homemaker. He was inspired by his younger brother Manoj, a former boxer. He worked overtime to pay for coaching at the Bhiwani Boxing Club. After achieving success at the international level he also did modeling part-time.

So come on guys........ Cricket alone not the world, we have so many other sports that represents our nation. Let us encourage all the other sports too.


Swathi said...

nice post ramya..somehow i feel winning in sports or taking sports as a career, is not only the responsibility of Government but parents/family as well for any individual...

Anonymous said...

ramya, i have something for you in my blog

Ramya said...

@Swathi Thanks ya parents play an crucial role.

@Usha, Thanks will soon come up with it