Saturday, August 2, 2008

My dream country

Controversial to one of my previous posts, "Dear America, will you agree with this "I got to write this. I am expecting my fellow Indians(including me) to inculcate these to make India more brighter.

1. Being Punctual:
For the very first get together here(USA), other than hosts we were the first couple to attend, we waited for more than an hour for others to join and there on for the next parties we too followed the suit. I felt guilty when our guests got a chance to welcome us on my Son's first Birthday party :(

2.Following rules:
The Government makes/educates the people to follow the rules strictly.Here they levy fines if we are against the law.

The primary issue that should be eradicated to make my country progress ahead of others.For every matter, bribe matters.I didn't observe this here.

Almost all the places here are clean.Usage of trash cans,proper drainage system etc keeps tidy.

5.Value of the life:
I learnt how the people care about LIFE they mean that it is precious than anything else in this part of world(US/Western world)

6.The other qualities like the way they wish the people,welcoming new styles and expressing happiness with lot of excitement makes me to raise my eyebrow.

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